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  1. @testdasi are you to update the web interface and FTL? On your version of Pi-hole
  2. I know nothing about mariadb could you help me setup the database for zabbix please ? or if anyone else could help me out would be great.
  3. Does anyone have a Noob Doc for the Minecraft app please, I have it working but it's in survival mode and that's as far as i got it. So if there's a video or a set by step doc for noob's like me that would be awesome. I want to learn and have my kids play on the home server. THANK YOU AHEAD OF TIME FOR YOUR INPUT! = this first half of this with Screen i DO NOT UNDERSTAND VERY IMPORTANT: First run use Screen on Uraid docker exec -ti MinecraftPE /bin/bash = I Ran this command, pick language etc and it started to work. Run command : java -jar /nukkit-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar select language after the first run everything should work fine = this part I don't understand. To Interact with Server / adminstration, use "docker attach MinecraftPE" at command promt Press ctrl-p-ctrl-q to exit without shutting down the server
  4. your Docker is broken and doesn't handle caching properly and it doesn't cache data safely. Also it just doesn't work with pihole either. I would suggest for anyone who is wanting to us Lancache Run a VM ubuntu with lancache installed and be done with it.
  5. super noob question. How in the hell can i see if its working ? i have a feeling that it isn't. i tried to tested by uninstall a game and reinstalling it but no change. any help would be awesome
  6. glad this post is here because i just had this issue yesterday
  7. make sure you reboot your windows pc after deleting the credentials
  8. what's the console command to reset pihole to default settings?
  9. nevermind i figured it out. gotta stop over thinking unraid, so much easier than freenas. thank god !
  10. on my network under tower it shows the flash fold aka flash drive, is there a way to lock it down or hide it so it doesn't show up in the network? nooby question