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  1. I'd like the ability to combine 2 or more unraid servers into one giant pool.
  2. makes a lot of sense!! thanks i'll be using Shoko only for adding downloaded files to AniDB mylist i like to keep files the way they were downloaded in order to seed easier, so i won't be using any features that moves or renames files/folders i look forward to your release!
  3. are there any downsides to having it run as root? sorry if that's a dumb question, i'm a complete linux noob and was only able to setup unRAID + dockers following guides letter by letter
  4. glad i googled this and someone was already solving the problem!! i await your template!!
  5. thanks for this post! I've been lurking this thread for a replacement (my IOCrest SI-PEX40057 Marvell 88SE9230 died on me) and I've never used server SAS cards i eventually bought a Dell H310 that was preflashed with IT firmware... i had never considered the eBay route, so thank you for pointing me in that direction
  6. omg I'm so glad I found this thread!! I also just bought a Dell H310 off eBay. It was preflashed to IT mode with P20 firmware as per the eBay seller's listing. I installed it into my computer (Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD3H) and it wouldn't POST!! It would just cycle on and off, perpetually resetting! It's my first "server grade" HBA card. I was previously using an IOCrest SI-PEX40057 (based on the Marvell 88SE9230) and the piece of crap died less than one year!! I was so scared for my data!! Then I came across this thread after a couple google searches. Electrical tape on B5 and B6 eh??