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  1. Hi, Solved by deletting the externalDB as suggested. Best regards
  2. intel fixes everything!!
  3. it was all good saturday when i was dumping some files to it so no problem until today upon reboot to apply the update but i can downgrade if it is a safe route to go
  4. will try to test it tomorrow ASAP and report back. we cant trust on onboard Lan 😥
  5. it was will have to try with one tomorrow since i currently dont have one to spare at the moment. Your bet is on the card? but still.. weird to be able to read as normal...
  6. on copying its impossible to open any folder to work on this server at this moment... damn slow! if copying is finished i can read super fast and open folders as usual... so my last parity check was on day 1 all good but thinking that either something got messed up this new update on this server or something going on on the disk side..
  7. thought it was fixed but no. Same problem on copying. can read perfect, did try another network card on the system but its the same. diagnostic log provided as requested.
  8. So i did the upgrade to latest version on all servers and all seem to be fine except one that is giving me normal read speeds but poor write speeds. Nothing changed from yesterday to today except the upgrade to 6.7.0 server is on a Asus P8H61 with a i7-2600k Already did a reboot a few hours ago but same problem... cant write nothing fast on this server at the moment Thanks in advance
  9. So to give some update on this... i've brought the server to work and did the same check on the usb and also give a cleanup inside the case. It boots now. Checking the parity, got 2 dock's giving error upon updating them... waiting for the parity check to finish right now..
  10. Hi @Frank1940, done that, fixed erros but upon rebooting on server got a call trace and no go...
  11. Hi, i've done this latest updated and on one of the servers it booted with this message "unraid USB drive is not read-write"... new reboot on it and i dont see it online (i'm currently @work so remote access only).. Any idea on how to fix this or what caused it? Best regards,
  12. Hi, new purchase same problem... Sending email to now. Order Number 455177576 Invoice No. 41135 (payment was done with paypal)  all taken care off 🙂
  13. No problem. all sorted out, another couple of days and will purchase another one. Cheers