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  1. So this will be my first time doing anything like this. I have selected the e3-1230 v5 CPU, with the Supermicro x11ssm-f MOBO. I realize this CPU does not have onboard graphics (now), but I was planning on running this server headless anyway. I am of the understanding that I will be able to access everything on it from my laptop and will not need to be physically on the server. But what about on the initial setup? After I get the system built, wont I need to be able to connect a monitor to access the BIOS for the initial setup? I have read about using IPMI, but do not understand how to do this at all. Do I need to buy a cheap GPU just for the initial setup? I'm so lost....
  2. So, I just had what may be a dumb idea and would like some opinions on it. I have recently been upgrading my house with smart devices. One of these is the Ecobee4 thermostat. If you are not familiar with this, its defining characteristic is that it can connect to remote sensors to feed back information from different parts of the house. For instance, it will give temp and humidity levels where ever it is placed. I have an extra sensor, and was thinking of placing it inside my case. I realize I can pull up info and look at the temp readings, but I think it would be kind of cool to be able to ask alexa what the temp of my server is and have her give me info immediately. I could also use this to set up warnings if it reaches a certain threshold, maybe have it change the lights in the room red! Just a thought. Any one else do anything like this?
  3. Hi, I am new to posting here. Though I have been lurking the board for a couple of weeks. I have very little experience with computers in general. I have changed a few hard drives, and added ram to a laptop, but that is about the extent of my knowledge. I am looking to build a sever, mostly for plex, with the possibility of expanding in the future. I originally bought all my components with the intent of building a freenas rig, as I was completely unaware of unraid. After reading about it, I feel like this will be a little more user friendly for me. I have most of the hardware (which I know is kind of overkill) already purchased. But having never put together a computer from scratch before, I was wondering if there is any tutorials or tips you all could provide me. I am really looking for step by steps for putting all the pieces together, as well as tutorials on things like testing HDD and RAM before installing. On the freenas site, they were talking about testing HDD for hundreds of hours before installing. No sure If there are specific programs to download for this, but if it will take this long I would like to get a jump on it. Here is a list of the hardware that I have purchased so far, please let me know if you see anything I should be adding. Processor: Intel Xeon Processor E3-1230 v5 MOBO: Supermicro Micro ATX X11SSM-F-O RAM: SAMSUNG M391A2K43BB1-CPB DDR4-2133 16GB ECC (64GB total) PSU: Seasonic SS-660XP2 ATX 12V / EPS 12V, 660W, 80 PLUS PLATINUM HDD: Toshiba X300 6TB (8 of these) Define R5 Case I still need to add SSD, and flash drives, and suggestions would be great.