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  1. argo tunnel is established via UUID and not IP or Ports so your 2nd docker config will have a different UUID hence it may work
  2. you can probably create another docker and just change the name of docker and app folder
  3. I got the Argo Tunnel working to SWAG but now I have a problem As we have removed the A record where it points to IP. One of my CNAME for no longer works Need help
  4. Need some help to setup with SWAG In SWAG I setup subdomains to wildcard as I have multiple subdomains. So when I setup cname "" >, I encounter "ERR error="Unable to reach the origin service. The service may be down or it may not be responding to traffic from cloudflared: x509: certificate is valid for *, not" cfRay=65afac1cfd390acc-NRT originService=" If I removed the wildcard from SWAG subdomain options then I encounter another a new error. 2021-06-06T06:34:03Z ERR error="Unable to r
  5. anyone statping working? when i open the webui it just keep loading Edit: reinstalled docker fix it
  6. I corrected the serial no and temp came up but not the others I've checked the site , so my SSD is Kingston A400 120GB with 40TBW
  7. Need help I cant seems to get SSD data There is SSD selected Is there somethings I need change here? Note: I have Kingston 120GB SSD
  8. Fixed my OpenVPN at last , my issue was the subdomain on cloudflare was set as Proxied. I turn it off and working. However still have to run it in bridge mode. If run on IP still getting the error 9007.
  9. Just tried, running in host mode not working Host mode also cause the issue of the admin page keep ask to reauthenticate. I use modern settings, the rule is enable under Internet In. Like I said SWAG works but not OpenVPN or even Wireguard doesnt work So weird. Note: I actually want to run the docker on its own IP like all my other containers but then seems only bridge mode works for admin page
  10. Is going to update the controller version to 6.1.61 ?
  11. Anyone here using Ubiquiti UDM Pro? I'm running openvpn-as docker in bridge mode, I have port forwarding of UDP 1194 to my unraid server but I am not able to connect to VPN I have port forwarding for SWAG and that has no issues (SWAG runs on static IP and not bridge mode)
  12. Found the issue, my firewall is blocking the traffic to public DNS
  13. Getting same error, i revert back to v5.3.4 for now Did you manage to solve the issue?
  14. Hi, When trying to connect to onlyoffice from nextcloud, I get the following error "Error when trying to connect (cURL error 28: Failed to connect to port 443: Operation timed out (see" If I go to, I do get redirected to the welcome page. Please help!
  15. I finally figure out, it was just a simple add interface.