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  1. I don't know if you still have your issue at the moment, but I basically encountered a similar issue on 6.8.x with my R720 onboard NIC, it would just drop the eth link and no amout of pounding internet cables in RJ45 ports would fix it. I would have to restart the server several time to have what I would call a "good boot" where it doesn't loose connection in the 30minutes-1hour of uptime frametime. I ended up splurging on a PCIe Base-T NIC, that held flawlessly since. Then since 6.8.3, and worse since 6.9, it's my OTHER PCIe NIC, an SFP+ one that started to have this issue.
  2. Hello hi, about 2 weeks into using unraid 6.9, trying 2 of my 3 known working SolarFlare SFN5122N cards, and I already had to reboot TWICE because Unraid just casually and randomly forgets a network card is supposed to actually fulfill a function. Basically, not other info than "ethx link is down, please check cables". Oh I've got cables. direct attach copper or fiber, which color, length or thickness do you fancy?, and even using the ones that never dropped a packet in back to back connection on my proxmox and workstation boxes, Unraid still aint no clue a cable is plugged in
  3. Hi! Back again, not with an issue but just a question this time. I know that using configuring swag a certain way and using a cloudflare domain, you can hide your WAN IP behind CloudFlare's. Instead of using a VPS/VPN as a layer between my server and the world, I'm tempted to do the same. BUT, I'm not at cloudflare. My domain (and webhosts) are at OVH's. I know OVH has letsencrypt certificate, CDNs and all the bells and whistles, but I would like directions (or even step by step if you don't mind) about how to set up swag with OVH to keep my WAN ip private. It's pretty crit
  4. Still happeeeeens... including in the middle of a backuuuuuup.....
  5. @grphx @CrimsonBrew @Widget Nope. Unless trying some weird technics I have seen flung around, UEFI seem to be a no-go (at least on a R720) because on the onboard video chip, which you can disable for an add-in video card but then you loose Idrac's remote screen and access to bios at boot time. Though the importance of booting in legacy and UEFI isn't that big of a deal for virtualization purposes, since the boot method of the host has minimal impact on the vm's boot method, and legacy boot allows sometimes some peculiar hardware to work in passthrough when it derps in UEFI. Honestl
  6. Okay, update. Since that fiasco, I basically dropped $$$ into a second add-in NIC, a double 10gbps RJ45 card (to be eth0), on top of the original 4 1gbps nic and the already added double 10gbps SFP+ card. And so far it was working great! Except today. After 72days of uptime, it crashed... but not the OG nic! The SFP nic is now the buggy one! unplugging and plugging back in didn't do a thing. Reboot fixed it... but I still find it surprisingly unpredictable and unsolvable behavior, that wouldn't be much of an issue for a desktop distro, but quite worrying on a ser
  7. Lucky you! I don't even have the Configure button! (Dell Poweredge R720)
  8. Do you realize the issue by itself is already troubleshot and solved? And that it may be linked to some certain hardware and that your precise situation isn't a miracle solution for everyone else?
  9. @rachid596 I'ld advise you to read a bit more closely because I'm already on 6.8.1 and with the plugin, and the precise topic is about how it doesn't work with that setup. You're welcome.
  10. Hi everyone, and thanks for tagging me on that, else I would have missed it. So it seems 6.9 will indeed solve the issue, but as I prefer to wait for the stable release (because this server is kinda important, and I can't afford to run into beta-issues), I might still go barbarian on it in the mean time with some rmmod if I fail to sit tight until 6.9 get released.
  11. I get that pcie_acs_override=downstream and type1.allow_unsafe_interrupts=1 are kind of old-school methods now, and are just settings that were ported over from when I was running the same unraid install in an other box, an HP Z600 workstation, that definitively needed them to be able to passthrough something. (I also used to shuffle my PCIe devices a lot, so using that instead of targetted-stubbing was just some kind of comfort method, also I never used 'vfio-pci.ids=', always did 'pci-stub.ids=') I'll admit with no shame what so ever that I just took my drives, HBA and NICs
  12. Hi! Nice. Still on unraid 6.8.1 right now, and I managed to passthrough a quadro card without stubbing with pci-stub.ids= like I used to, or using the VFIO-PCI Config plugin, it handled it gracefully with just pcie_acs_override=downstream and type1.allow_unsafe_interrupts=1. Though I'm facing an issue with onboard NIC and the VFIO-PCI Config plugin. Dell poweredge R720 here, using 2 other (better) network cards to actually connect the host around to network and back to back stuff, I would have liked to use all 4 'onboard' ports for some pf-sense-VM and routing tests.
  13. Kinda necro-posting, but I would really enjoy this thing being a thing again, especially since the original docker repo vanished. I've seen that thread referenced above, but I really would prefer it being a docker or plugin than a direct modification to unraid (my install is already plagued, and I'm trying to kinda reverse it back to more streamlined solutions.). If someone's wondering "but for what use", I want to stop burning usb drives, and I don't like having drives at all in my ESXI box. If I could boot my ESXI server from my unraid's storage, it would be sweet. The VMs of my ESXI bo
  14. Hi, I know, not latest release, but it's a very very minor inconvenience (that still can be a hassle if stars align for apocalypse with other events or server load), and since I'm not feeling like updating an otherwise stable (and task running) server, I won't try now on 6.8.3 My parity check is on a monthly schedule, set for last day. So far, never had an issue. BUT, yesterday it did the parity check (even the it's not the last day on the month), and did it again today. I think it just "derped" and forgot that July counts 31days. If that's not a big issue to me, a pari
  15. Eeeer, I was mostly seeing the Simpson reference, saying as it's yes effective but with an humorous twist, and I decided to ride that boat and show the next level of "refined jankiness", as in the daily use of electronic and PC parts wrapped in tape, but with the fanciness and luxurious taste in the choice of tape, presented with that naked-kaptonwrapped-SSD in that laptop I use as an IPMI dedicated console on a different VLAN than the rest.