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  1. I also have this problem. Came upon this googling. I was thinking to maybe try and just assign them myself and hope i get it right. If I go for edges of the card I should get eth0 and eth3 then can guess from there haha. Or downgrade to 2.3.4 like you.
  2. I had a similar issue, then i noticed that in Machine: I had Q35-4.2 selected by default. SpaceInvader had his set to Q35-2.11. Once I changed my machine type to Q35-2.11 pfSense was able to detect my NIC. Now I can follow the rest of the video I see from your VM_XML file you also have the same machine type I did. Try the other one to see if it fixes it.
  3. Yeah I read thru it again but that is mostly for nvidia gpu based transcode. Intel iGPU isn't covered in detail. I've tried installing intel-gpu-tools app but it just crashes when I launch it. Need to research more. My cpu is not best for iGPU anyway since its 3rd gen.
  4. Is there a way to verify the iGPU is doing the transcoding? I adde "modprobe i915" to my go file and "--device=/dev/dri" to extra parameters. I've chosen VAPI and enabled, but it seems slow/buffery/etc.
  5. Whats the best way to transition from a btrfs cache pool to a single xfs cache drive? I have a Samsung SSD unused if that expedites things.
  6. I have a Core i5 3570K and 32GB ram with 2 SSD cache and 21TB array with Parity. I notice that I can max out my CPU and get really bad performance when I move files (manually or mover) and I have sonarr/radarr/sabnzbd. I also get interuptsion when using Jellyfin on my FireStick4k. I feel like something is kinda messed up in my config. I keep finding small things and fixing them (like moving libvert/dockers to cache from the array, turbo mode app) but I haven't been able to fix this. Feels like I'm doing it wrong. Might try moving the cache to xfs from btfrs. Anyone more knowledgeable take a look and see if something obvious is going on? I see the iowait goes 75% often. nas4x12-diagnostics-20200104-1355.zip
  7. Does the binhex version have the intel GPU support built in yet? Or is that still a linuxserver special?
  8. I'm on latest release 6.8 using two ADATA SU635 480GB 3D-NAND SATA SSD's in a BTRFS pool and I also have this issue. i just built my server and read to avoid the Samsung Disks but seems I also get it with the Adata disk. Will try with COW/checksums disabled as @johnnie.black mentioned. nas4x12-diagnostics-20200102-1903.zip
  9. Yeah its attached to a USB3 slot. The USB external drive disk consistently got ~180Mbps on the same port under windows. Makes me think something is up with my setup.
  10. Noob here, I've done some reading but still not sure. What kind of speed should expect when copying data into my array from a USB external drive? When i built my ~20TB array it took about 30 hours and saw speeds from 100MB/s-200Mb/s. Copying data from the USB drive to the Array is about 40MB/s. Is this normal or have I screwed something up? Guess I thought it would be faster since each drive by itself is 100MB-200MB/s using Crystal Disk Mark in windows. Thanks in advance. nas4x12-diagnostics-20191206-2026.zip
  11. What is the difference between binhex krusader vs krusader? https://forums.unraid.net/topic/71764-support-binhex-krusader/page/18/