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  1. Yeah its attached to a USB3 slot. The USB external drive disk consistently got ~180Mbps on the same port under windows. Makes me think something is up with my setup.
  2. Noob here, I've done some reading but still not sure. What kind of speed should expect when copying data into my array from a USB external drive? When i built my ~20TB array it took about 30 hours and saw speeds from 100MB/s-200Mb/s. Copying data from the USB drive to the Array is about 40MB/s. Is this normal or have I screwed something up? Guess I thought it would be faster since each drive by itself is 100MB-200MB/s using Crystal Disk Mark in windows. Thanks in advance. nas4x12-diagnostics-20191206-2026.zip
  3. What is the difference between binhex krusader vs krusader? https://forums.unraid.net/topic/71764-support-binhex-krusader/page/18/