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  1. i see the update, usually within the same date it's released and then click the update link and reboot. Down time max 2 hours. I saw no update for 6.6.5 so didn't know a new update was there. my info screen says " Version 6.6.4 2018-11-07 " I was just monitoring and see if the problem repeated itself over a couple of days.
  2. I've upgraded to Version: 6.6.4 pro and nightly status & update Notifications are not popping up in browser past 3 nights -- since the upgrade I've checked the "Notification Settings" and they remain unaltered
  3. Never mind, there is no problem. The letters of the serial number were very close but different and I didn't notice it. RHILL emhttpd: Hitachi_HDS722020ALA330_JK1130YAHAPYZT (sdq) 512 3907029168 RHILL emhttpd: Hitachi_HDS722020ALA330_JK1130YAHAPZHT (sdp) 512 3907029168
  4. Hmm, I don't see where rebooting makes a difference, ... the same situation exists after the reboot. I needed to reboot because the diagnostics wouldn't make the zip file for over 4 hours. I will re-seat that drive tomorrow and see where that takes me. Thanks for trying
  5. I have an odd thing going on and I don't know how I caused it. I have a drive that shows up in both the array and Unassigned Devices. When I removed the drive from the array it showed up twice in Unassigned Devices section as device sdq and sdp. Same model number and serial number and content. Currently the drive is formatted and attached to the array, and completely empty. It's listed as disk13 in the array and device sdq in Unassigned Devices. How can I remove it from Unassigned Devices section ? Any help here ?
  6. To get the Krusader "transfer progress window" back, it's explained somewhere in these forums, it's easy. Click anywhere in the Krusader window. Then hold the SHIFT-ALT-CTRL down at the same time. A large side menu will pop-up. Choose the button "on screen keyboard". Using the Large "on screen keyboard" that pops up. Click on ALT then TAB to scroll thru any "transfer progress windows" that have been hidden. When you highlight the "transfer window" that you want to appear. On your REAL keyboard hold the SHIFT-ALT-CTRL down at the same time again. Choose the "none" option on "text input" me
  7. i also get these same pitiful internal speeds. UA drive, transfering to unRAID drive via Krusader. Are there any tweaks to Krusader, unRAID that would give us faster speeds? Any guru's out there that can enlighten us? One way or another ?
  8. Still a newbie here but this may help some Krusader users. 1) Check the "main" window and see if you can tell if Krusader is actually moving files. I usually leave it on MB/s view. I would wait until the system is in-active before proceeding. Next, if Krusader wont open the GUI and it was working fine before. I just stop the app, go into settings and change /mnt/user/appdata/kde/ to /mnt/user/appdata/kde2/ restart the app and if the GUI works ... the appdata had become corrupted I dont know how to fix it but this will get you up and running quickly.