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  1. i have the same 443 error and lancache is not working. can we roll back to older version( where do i find previous versions, and pull those in unraid docker?) or is waiting for a solution the only way?
  2. Thx alot. i was reading beta releases... thanks for pointing this out to me 🙂 Fixed it. Set Networkcard to "Virtio-net"
  3. i just upgraded from 6.8.3 to 6.9.0 Beta30 and when i start a Windows 10 VM (no passthrough) i get lots of errors like this: Nov 9 09:07:43 UNRAID kernel: tun: unexpected GSO type: 0x0, gso_size 31, hdr_len 97 Nov 9 09:07:43 UNRAID kernel: tun: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ................ Nov 9 09:07:43 UNRAID kernel: tun: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ................ Nov 9 09:07:43 UNRAID kernel: tun: 01 00 00 00 a1 59 24 59 37 ed 10 dc 38 77 e1 04 .....Y$Y7...8w.. Nov 9 09:07:43 UNRAID kernel: tun: 8b 2c 4c a4 d3 57 66 6d 66 ec a9 0e 53
  4. tmp=$(virsh list --all | grep " vmtest " | awk '{ print $3}') if ([ "x$tmp" == "x" ] || [ "x$tmp" != "xrunning" ]) then echo "VM does not exist or is shut down!" nvidia-smi -pm 1 else echo "VM is running!" fi similar to this.... Example only i google'd 🙂
  5. tmp=$(virsh list --all | grep " vmtest " | awk '{ print $3}') if ([ "x$tmp" == "x" ] || [ "x$tmp" != "xrunning" ]) then echo "VM does not exist or is shut down!" # Try additional commands here... else echo "VM is running!" fi code similar to this in hourly schedule.
  6. it might be possible to check kvm about a specific vm is running and if vm is not running set lower power state. user script run on hourly schedule in scheduler. Dot have the script for it yet, but i was considering something like this.
  7. i get this error when updating from 2019.10.23 to 2020.06.24 ----------------- plugin: updating: parity.check.tuning.plg plugin: downloading: ... failed (Invalid URL / Server error response) plugin: wget: download failure (Invalid URL / Server error response) -----------------
  8. and today i moved from mirror BTRFS Cache to Single SSD Cache XFS on my main Unraid Server... Took ages.. And write are much lower now... 100kb/sec to 900kb/sec and not 30+mb/sec like before... When do Devs solve this issue with BTRFS Cache abnormal Writes? i would love to get my mirrored Cache SSD back...
  9. i just done this to my Test unraid server aswell. recreated my cache into XFS, from BTRFS. used mover to move shares from my cache to array while vm and docker services are disabled. then setting use cache to Yes and activate mover. i see no performance difference as of now... i hope Unraid devs look at this issue...
  10. i have looked at all dockers and no logfile locations are on cache, but in /tmp/ No VM online about 15 minutes iotop 😞
  11. i see the same thing here, monitoring with Zabbix i see avg 300writes/sec to my 2 Cache drives.
  12. i have same issue...using chrome Version 81.0.4044.129 (Officiel version) (64-bit) IE worked...i know. its old.. but i did not have any other then Chrome, Edge and IE installed 🙂
  13. the fix to change PUID and PGID to 0 does not work for me in Chrome. But in Internet Explorer it does work. i get http 400 in chrome.
  14. its an old asus H87-PRO with an i5-4570S CPU and 16GB RAM
  15. Fan speed is changing speed very often and setting for refresh interval is not working my fans are switching speed 2 or 3 times a minute. and when i go into Fan Auto Control it show as disabled. but running. i just did a reinstall of the plugin. From log : Apr 16 23:11:40 UNRAID autofan: Highest disk temp is 35C, adjusting fan speed from: 70 (27% @ 390rpm) to: OFF (0% @ 356rpm) Apr 16 23:12:25 UNRAID autofan: killing autofan process 25151 Apr 16 23:12:25 UNRAID ool www[25734]: /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.system.autofan/scripts/rc.autofan 'start' A