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  1. I have same problem, solet med get this right. You mounted both the download and the tv folder to /media in Sonarr? I assume you used the same mount template for downloads in rTorrent? So now all your data is located in the unraid share /media?
  2. I didnt get it to work on this container, so I switched to Embys official one. Here I have no issues at all
  3. Sorry for asksing. But did you setup your local DNS to redirect all request your set up URL to the internal server to keep the traffic local or did you just let the internet handle the route back to your router? If handling locally. how?
  4. +1 This is greatly needed. Instead of browinsing through several pages looking for an answer, it could save a amount of time!
  5. After upgrade to unRAID 6.7 I get an error when starting OpenVPN service. When I log on OpenVPN AS the service is stoppen, and when I try to start it again I get following error: service failed to start due to unresolved dependencies: set(['user']) service failed to start due to unresolved dependencies: set(['iptables_openvpn']) Service deferred error: IPTablesServiceBase: failed to run iptables-restore [status=2]: ['iptables-restore v1.6.0: Bad IP address ""', '', 'Error occurred at line: 153', "Try `iptables-restore -h' or 'iptables-restore --help' for more information."]: internet/defer:653,sagent/ipts:133,sagent/ipts:50,util/daemon:28,util/daemon:69,application/app:384,scripts/_twistd_unix:258,application/app:396,application/app:311,internet/base:1243,internet/base:1255,internet/epollreactor:235,python/log:103,python/log:86,python/context:122,python/context:85,internet/posixbase:627,internet/posixbase:252,internet/abstract:313,internet/process:312,internet/process:973,internet/process:985,internet/process:350,internet/_baseprocess:52,internet/process:987,internet/_baseprocess:64,svc/pp:142,svc/svcnotify:32,internet/defer:459,internet/defer:567,internet/defer:653,sagent/ipts:133,sagent/ipts:50,util/error:66,util/error:47 service failed to start due to unresolved dependencies: set(['user', 'iptables_live', 'iptables_openvpn']) service failed to start due to unresolved dependencies: set(['iptables_live', 'iptables_openvpn'])
  6. Exactly what I was looking for! I'll try create a new install image
  7. @binhexI now tried to install Emby's own docker container, and here I get the expected results (see screenshot). Only extra variable I added was GIDLIST=18 by referencing this post. (it didnt work by adding it to your docker) So somehow your docker isn't working as expected.
  8. Okay I will contact Emby with this. But Emby has accepted my key as Premiere Subscription on server dashboard (see screenshot)
  9. Sorry forgot to mention I do have a Emby Premiere Lifetime subscription. So it shouldn't be the issue. Unless the docker isn't build for Emby Premiere 😊
  10. Hey @binhex After upgrading to 4.0, Ive lost my HW transcoding options. I have passed through /dev/dri/renderD128 as before, but somehow the section in Emby is missing. (see screenshot) I have crossposted on Emby forums aswell, because im not sure where the error lies.
  11. Thanks man!! That did the trick Thank you so much
  12. Okay when I plugged my USB to my PC, windows suggested a chkdsk, but did not find any errors, and it didnt help toward booting my server. But now I have copied all the content to my computer. Is it usable for building a now boot drive? There is no need for taking a picture, because I get the standard "no bootable disks available" message. I have not changed any configuration in boot order. I have 1 Parity drive (6TB), 6 data drives in array (3x6TB + 3x4TB) and 1 cache drive (512GB). I currently dont have any unassigned drives.
  13. Yesterday I did a "Docker Safe New Permissions" on my unRAID 6.6.6 server, and after that my docker procces stopped, and I was not able to start it again so I tried a reboot. Now, I cant boot on my flash drive, so it looks like the drive got corrupted somehow. Here my problem. I have backups of my flash drive on my array, but I cant acces it as long as my server is powered down. Is there anyway to restore my system? As I understand, if I download a new USB image, I need to rebuild the array, and/or reinstall original docker containers and plugins. But can skip the process and restore directly from a backup on my array? Thank you.
  14. Please help. Its driving me crazy! Does anyone have any idea how to prevent this?
  15. Not correct. Emby 4.0 has been released. Docker images is already updated https://emby.media/announcing-emby-server-40.html