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  1. I have the same issue after upgrading to 6.9.2. No matter wich boot option I select, the the boot gets stuck
  2. In the glances container, how can I make it so it can save the glances.conf to appdata so I can make some custom edits?
  3. Just a follow up. I deleted the content of the Codec folder witch seemed to have fixed the issue.
  4. Hi binhex, I have an issue with transcoding EAC codecs, and I get the following error in the logs: It have been working in the past, but not sure when the the error started. Any suggestions how to fix this? I use PMS and unRAID 6.8.3
  5. Hi I suspect I have set a parameter and forgot about it, so I'm hoping anyone would help. Every monday morning ALL my docker containers stop, så I have to manually start the containers when I get online. Its always monday morning so I have no doulbt it's a setting somewhere, but I have been browsing throug the admin interface without beeing able to find it. So please, what am I mising? I have attached diag files in case it helps. Thank you!
  6. True. The files are named correct but Im not using usenet only torrents. Does it make a difference? Is there any way to correct this?
  7. Please, Anyone have inputs how to resolve hvis? Is this related to unRAID filestructrure, How Radarr renames the movies or a missing setting in this docker build?
  8. I have an issue with Radarr renaming and how it looks in a windows share. I have set up Radarr to use following "{Movie TitleThe} ({Release Year}){ [IMDb Id]} - {[EDITION TAGS]}" to name the movie folders, and the folder names looks correct when I browse unRAID folders. But somehow when I connect to the serverfrom Windows I get wierd loooking names (see screenshot). How can I avoid this whitout disabling renaming in Radarr? Thank you.
  9. Thank you for clarifying. I have removed the limit. Hopefully it will clear things out
  10. I looks like its this container I have limited the container, so how can it use all memory on server? Or does the error indicate the container maxes out my limit on 512MB?
  11. This morning at 4:40 my server has run out of memory, and I have no idea why. The server is not active in that period, and does not use ressources. I have looked through the logs, and the only enrty at the time was: Aug 13 03:03:02 Thor Plugin Auto Update: Checking for available plugin updates Aug 13 03:03:07 Thor Plugin Auto Update: community.applications.plg version 2019.08.11b does not meet age requirements to update Aug 13 03:03:08 Thor Plugin Auto Update: Community Applications Plugin Auto Update finished Aug 13 03:03:42 Thor kernel: mdcmd (58): spindown 0 Aug 13 04:40:02
  12. I have same problem, solet med get this right. You mounted both the download and the tv folder to /media in Sonarr? I assume you used the same mount template for downloads in rTorrent? So now all your data is located in the unraid share /media?
  13. I didnt get it to work on this container, so I switched to Embys official one. Here I have no issues at all
  14. Sorry for asksing. But did you setup your local DNS to redirect all request your set up URL to the internal server to keep the traffic local or did you just let the internet handle the route back to your router? If handling locally. how?
  15. +1 This is greatly needed. Instead of browinsing through several pages looking for an answer, it could save a amount of time!