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  1. What is the fix when encountering this problem and pihole is not present in the network?
  2. @johnnie.black's suggestion did indeed work. This issue is resolved. Thank you everyone. 🙂
  3. I have my /boot/config/go script modified to execute a BASH script located in /boot, which worked fine while on v6.7.2. Since upgrading to v6.8.2 I now get a "permission denied" error. The script in question is owned by root:root but does indeed only have "rw" permissions. I have executed "chmod u+x" on the script but the permissions do not change. Any pointers on what is needed in order to be able to allow the "go" script to execute my script?
  4. I was just notified that NerdPack and IPMI were no longer known to Community Applications. Why were these removed / no longer known to CA? I thought that NerdPack in particular is a popular plugin. Screenshot
  5. Port 80 is already used by the Unraid GUI. Map the first entry for the Container Port 80 to something that isn't used, like 8080, 8002, etc
  6. I need help getting Sonarr to connect to r(u)Torrent. I have the container port 80 set to 8004 and am able to reach the web ui fine at :8004. When I try to access :8004/RPC2 I receive: 502 Bad Gateway nginx/1.16.1 Running the latest container version of v3.9
  7. Mine works intermittently. If I have 2 files downloading with the same label, it will unpack the first one but not the second one. No mention of anything wrong in any logs that I've checked so I must be missing the right on. As with you, if I manually select and run Unpack it works fine.
  8. After reading those threads I do feel lucky indeed. When I started reading the corruption messages in each container's log my gut tightened, especially for my Plex container. This happened last night and I am still surprised that no issues have been encountered. In my experience once corruption happens then it is a done deal and there is no coming back from it. I'm not sure I have anything of value to add to the conversation but I will certainly checkout the Testing thread you provided. Thanks!
  9. I encountered something strange and wanted to post here in case it helps someone else. I'm running Unraid v6.7.0 and after reading an article about increasing disk performance I decided to give it a try. The main "tip" was to set Settings > Global Share Settings > Tunable (enable Direct IO) = Yes. Upon restarting the array and docker service all of my containers (e.g. Plex, Sonarr, Radarr, etc) failed to start. Checking their logs they all mentioned SQLite database corruption. I stopped the docker service, array, and reset Settings > Global Share Settings > Tunable (enable Direct IO) = Auto. Restarting the array and docker service everything worked fine as usual; no data was lost, nothing had to be recreated / modified either inside or outside of the containers, etc. Not sure why my docker containers (LinuxServer.io) hate Direct IO but anyway I just wanted to pass the word along in case it helps others.
  10. How to install the `dig` command? It is missing from my unRAID v6.6.6 and I would like to troubleshoot some DNS issues.
  11. That did it. Thank you for the assistance. 🙂
  12. I do plan to run VMs just not Windows ones. They will all be Linux based VMs.
  13. I do not have that option. My only options are whether to enable and what libvirt image to use via a dropdown. There is no place to specify the location of that image file. Even after I click Download for that image, I cannot find the file within /mnt/cache/ Do I really need this file if I don't plan to run Windows VMs or is the name a misnomer and has nothing to do with Windows?
  14. I am encountering the same issue and my diagnostics are attached. nasmedia-diagnostics-20180930-0914.zip