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  1. I'll upgrading later today also. Thanks!
  2. Docker services are failing to start. Nothing but that is shown in the docker tab.
  3. I think it might be plex that is taking up all the space. didn't realize all the data was being stored on the flash drive. Do i need to delete all the docker images reinstall and make sure I point Plex to a share
  4. Hi Just checked my dashboard and noticed that docker was out of memory. The Log was at 100% and Docker utilization was at 100%. I restarted server (it had been almost 90 days) and the Log cleared but the docker still was at 100%. Also docker then failed to start. Was looking through FAQ and was going to check mapping, but docker isn't starting to be able to check I've attached my diagnostics. Any help would be appreciated. I'm not savy with linux and its actually been a awhile since i've messed with my unraid set up (it was working so well) that I've forgotten most of what I learned.
  5. I'll take anything. Thanks Jcloud. I'll check it out.
  6. Hello all, I'm try to advance my unraid set up and use it for cool things I'm working on POE surveillance and using a few tablets around the house as monitors for the surveillance montages. I'd like to add a few more things to those tablets, like uraid stats, sab downloads, or what ever else could be useful to have monitored. I guess I'm asking are there any dockers, apps, plug ins or anything else available to manage these types of monitors so they can be customized and presented on a tablet. What makes me hope this is possible is I realized
  7. Does Unraid come with a web server built in as default? I think it must because the web gui and docker UIs all seem to suggest. Use case. I have a few IP camera's set up with ZoneMinder docker. I've created a custom montage for use with tablets. I've tested the html on my PC as such (file:///D:/Documents/montage.html) but now want to test on a tablet with out dropping the html file to the tablet. I want to be able to go to ( or some such path. Attached the simple montage.html file in case its helpful. THANKS! montage.html
  8. Hello all, So I'm setting up some security cameras to run off my unraid box. I've installed the Zoneminder docker and have it up and running. Got a few questions that I'm hoping are either easy to answer or if folks can point out some good resources to read up on. Thanks ahead of time. When I begin recording evens is it best to get a surveillance HD from WD, map to it own share and use that for recordings. If so should I bypass cache or maybe even use a dedicated cache for surveillance? As this is running on unraid I can access the webui any where on my lan, but I'm ho
  9. So I confirmed folders are correct, tried changing some of the folder names to be see if it triggered anything, forced a manual sync, nothing sees to trigger a move/organize. Anyone else have any similar issues with a fresh install? Thanks.
  10. Thanks for the suggestion, but it didn't seem to impact. I tried a manual update pointing to the same folder. It sees the files but doesn't do anything. 2018-10-19 18:11:48INFO[ONEOFF-SELECTION] ofl: 2018-10-19 18:11:48INFO[ONEOFF-SELECTION] ofl: 2018-10-19 18:11:48INFO[ONEOFF-SELECTION] ofl: 2018-10-19 18:11:48INFOI have located 6 files that I should be able to post-process. Continuing... 2018-10-19 18:11:48INFOthere are 6 files. 2018-10-19 18:11:48INFOStarting postprocessing for : Manual Run 2018-10-19 18:10:42INFOUpdate complete Then the logs
  11. dstanley, thanks, that makes sense, but before I mess with it, as the only mismatch seems to possibly be downloads/Downloads... Doesn't the docker take the path from the setting section in the docker. So the container path is lowercase, and I have lower case in Mylar settings, likewise with /comics. Also, the comics path seems to work as mylar is creating folders for added comics and the logs show it is finding the path to downloaded comics, jut not triggering the moves from download/completed/comics to /comics. Thanks
  12. Okay I'm back with real question for Mylar. I have not been able to get Mylar to organize downloads. Current settings Docker: Downloads -> /mnt/user/Downloads/ Comics -> /mnt/user/comics/ Mylar WebUI First time using Mylar. I have not tried to import any comics. I've used the "This Week" list to add and to one-off. When I add a new series a folder is created in my /comics directory. Sab runs and downloads into /downloads/completed/comics/"issue name". The comic is NOT moved to /comics. I've included m
  13. I realize I sent the wrong logs. I fixed the issue once I removed the docker and deleted the appdata. Sorry to both you all.
  14. I tried different port, browser and cleare cache. Here's a snippet of the log after I ran a bunch of updates. Oct 18 15:57:35 Tower nerdpack: perl-5.26.1 package up to date, checksum ok. Oct 18 15:57:36 Tower nerdpack: Cleaning up packages... Oct 18 15:57:36 Tower nerdpack: All packages processed... Oct 18 15:57:50 Tower root: Fix Common Problems Version 2018.10.02 Oct 18 19:06:16 Tower kernel: docker0: port 5(veth9441b2a) entered disabled state Oct 18 19:06:16 Tower kernel: veth49c8df7: renamed from eth0 Oct 18 19:06:16 Tower avahi-daemon[4433]: Interface veth9441b2a.IPv6 no
  15. Hello, I installed mylar, noticed the default port is the same as my sab port. Changed it to 9009 in the docker page. But I can't load the webui. I get a "site can't be reached" error in chrome. Any ideas?