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  1. Was there any fix for this besides flashing the firmware on the card?
  2. I too am getting this same kernel error. Is there any update to the drivers that is being used?
  3. I'll wait for 6.9.1. There's always some unforeseen bugs that crop up on hardware and I've learned there's no reason to rush these things. Thanks for all the hard work in finally bringing this release out to the masses.
  4. I'll echo others thanking you for making this beautiful set of metrics and panels. My inner monitoring child is going bonkers. Now, forgive me for asking these questions: 1. Where is the install guide? I've combed through several pages and I only see the dockers that I need to install and some config files. Is there a step by step guide/wiki on how to impliment this wonderment? 2. What is the json file for? What does that do? Where does it go. If I missed a page that had the install instructions and full configs that would be wonderful. I'm a bi
  5. That's what I tried using the :VERSION and looks like everything is gone. Very odd. Only versions up are the 0.0.1-beta7 version and I can't pull down those versions for some reason.
  6. I'd love to know how you specified the container version on install so myself and others can do the same.
  7. I'm still not able to convert mp4 to mkv files. Other the files are read by the container and then skipped. I've isolated the folder down to one specific folder to skip the inode 'issue'. Submitted a bug issue here:
  8. Getting same error as others: [E 201021 13:43:22 web:1788] Uncaught exception GET /dashboard/?ajax=pendingTasks&format=html ( HTTPServerRequest(protocol='http', host='xx', method='GET', uri='/dashboard/?ajax=pendingTasks&format=html', version='HTTP/1.1', remote_ip='xx') Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/", line 3099, in execute_sql cursor.execute(sql, params or ()) sqlite3.OperationalError: database is locked During handling of the above exception, another exception occurred: Traceback (most recent call last
  9. Anyway to 'force' a build through? There's a nasty bug for many private trackers that aren't reading cookie data that has been patched in the last 24 hours. I could wait till tomorrow or hope you can release a manual build today. Do appreciate all your work.
  10. What's the point in then of the Devices field in Additional Settings? That doesn't make any sense. I didn't want to have to go the route of manual entry, if that's the only way....
  11. How do I add additional network interfaces to my docker containers? Use Case: Syncthing has the ability to be managed over one port but have the replication stream over another port. I want all replication over my 40gb network instead of my 1gb network I've searched all over this forum but still unsure where to put this in. Adding a device doesn't work as the container fails to recognize my bridge when I tell it to use "br4"
  12. Keep me posted, just dropped 40gbe in all my servers, haven't had a chance to mess with them just yet. Upgraded from 10gbe
  13. Just checked: 5 TB Storage Limits [PRO] Data volume you can manage with CloudBerry Backup is 5 TB in PRO version and 200 GB in freeware version. CloudBerry Lab doesn't offer storage, you need to buy from storage providers separately. Goddamnitt...
  14. Why are you on an unsupported/old build of UnRaid? 6.1 is deprecated, we are at 6.6.x now.
  15. Is it possible to select the version that I want to use? 3.3.16 works vastly better for some trackers vs. others.
  16. Long time user, returning poster to the new boards, my old account was tied to an email I don't have/use anymore. The Question at hand is how can I transfer all my license keys to my new email address baring that I don't have my old email address any longer but I do have all my unraid systems running and can validate them. Yes I should've changed my email account before I hit the DELETE button but this was one account I must have missed during my purge of an account I should've gotten rid of years ago. the best bet?