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  1. hey guys I am try to passthrough a 400g sas ssd to a vm to install windows server 2016 on it but everytime i try i get an error about the block device not being there i have tried the unassigned plugin to give it passthrough status but its still not working am i missing something i am on 6.8.3 build Regards Andrew
  2. Hey fellow unraiders with the world all to pot and almost everyone working from home in some way shape or form it has got me to thinking, i'm currently a freelance Draughtsman working for a service company in the oil and gas in the uk but with the price of oil being low i have been looking at branching out to other industries and picking up work via freelancing websites etc. now i have unraid as my homeserver works fantastically but i was thinking in using it to start more company related work or even get a second server for the task basically i want to have myself and maybe a few other individuals 2-3 users that can access the server for file sharing my thoughts were for wireguard for a vpn for the other guys to remote into and some basic dockers like leantime and nextcloud to serve as document managers and project managers maybe even an email server & cloud backup etc would i be right in thinking i would be better to setup a openldap docker and phpldapadmin docker as well to help run all the other programs with one point logins? can unraid also be added to this same openldap docker for accessing the network shares? what would i be best setting up to use as like a intranet web page to create links to the other dockers programs to make it simple to navigate? i also have a google suite account which gives me a domain name but i use duckdns to track my ip Also i am not overly worried about speed of the pool but as i will be mostly dealing with Autodesk Plant 3d and pointclouds will 6.9 give me the ability to have a pool of ssds with parity rather than spinning disks. i hope i can gain some experience from you veterans here on how best to go about this.
  3. I like how unraid makes using Linux simple it's a simple idea with mean bolt on options making it so diverse. I would like to see being able to add sdd drive into the general pool and parity section since SSD drive are slow climbing in size
  4. Don't suppose you could do a space engineers server?
  5. is the minecraft pe based on Nukkit or the NukkitX fork?
  6. Hello all my wife and i have decided its about time we start coping all our paperwork into our Unraid server but there is lots of paperwork i was looking for a DMS docker that would handle the task nicely to make it easy to search and index all the files. i saw a Paperless was on the docker hub and has been spoken about there but does anyone know if there is a proper unraid docker for paperless or know how to set it up and get it running?
  7. Hello I have been having an issue updating the docker container for jackett and delugevpn both are having the same problem I click on the update text it appears to download and extract all but one of the downloads redoes the container and say completed when I click on done unraid reports the update has not been applied. i have attached a screenshot of the update process i have also tried the update all button in the unraid docker tab but get the same result i have restarted the server multiple times again this has had no effect. all other containers seem to update fine but these two. Can you advise away to fix this?
  8. yeah i tried both normally leave it as Legacy i did read about using rufus to format my pen drive but i have not got round to it yet
  9. Hi I am looking to move my dell t630 server to unraid so I created the USB using the tool plugged it in set the bios to boot from it and I got no os found on system I tried various USB but no luck any ideas
  10. I would love this since nvida has there plugin to pass a gpu to a docker this leaves the door open for deep learning systems etc. As well as plex. Even if this was just a plugin like the dvb so it can be a choice to install. I give this a +1
  11. muzzy182uk

    Plex Server

    I have been doing some further research so it looks like nvidia have made a docker plug in that allows all dockers to use host gpus so for plex if you had a p2000 would mean that your plex docker would now have access to that that card. https://github.com/NVIDIA/nvidia-docker/wiki/nvidia-docker-plugin Anyone tried this?
  12. muzzy182uk

    Plex Server

    Thanks for the reply I did think that might be the case. Thanks for the reply
  13. muzzy182uk

    Plex Server

    hi all I am new here I am away to start the process or shifting to Unraid as my primary server but I just have one question I see there are dockers for plex server but I can't find information on using hardware transcoding with the docker, what with the nivida patch for consumer GPU's available on Linux. which allows more than 2 streams at one time or would I be better running a Linux vm and passing through a GPU to that. instead?