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  1. Ok, second reboot and /etc/rc.d/rc.nginx restart did the trick, now everything seems to be ok except unplanned parity check
  2. /boot/config/ident.cfg 664/664 100% NAME="unraid" timeZone="Europe/Moscow" COMMENT="Media server" SECURITY="user" WORKGROUP="WORKGROUP" DOMAIN="" DOMAIN_SHORT="" hideDotFiles="no" localMaster="yes" enableFruit="no" USE_NETBIOS="yes" USE_WSD="yes" WSD_OPT="" USE_NTP="yes" NTP_SERVER1="time1.google.com" NTP_SERVER2="time2.google.com" NTP_SERVER3="time3.google.com" NTP_SERVER4="time4.google.com" DOMAIN_LOGIN="Administrator" DOMAIN_PASSWD="" SYS_MODEL="Custom" SYS_ARRAY_SLOTS="24" USE_SSL="auto" PORT="80" PORTSSL="443" LOCAL_TLD="local" BIND_MGT="no" USE_TELNET="no" PORTTELNET="23" USE_SSH="yes" PORTSSH="22" USE_UPNP="no" START_PAGE="Main"
  3. They were configured properly on 6.9.1 But now i can't check it anyway as webgui is not available
  4. Nginx did not start after update. SSH is available, all dockers seems to be up and available, but no web interface. nginx: [emerg] invalid port in "*:98080" of the "listen" directive in /etc/nginx/conf.d/emhttp-servers.conf:37
  5. Photoview is updated, a lot of good stuff! #205 Update Darktable to the latest version (version 3.4.1). This will add support for newer RAW formats, such as Fuji's .arf format.
  6. Working for me with PHOTOVIEW_PUBLIC_ENDPOINT: http://IP:8694/ with old raws. As far as i found, this docker uses quite an old version of darktable-cli (2.6.0 from dec 2018), so no support for fresh camera raws. How to update it internally in current dockerfile - i've no idea. So if you don't see anything in appdata folder - maybe it just can't create any small/hires jpegs from your files?
  7. Scanner error Failed to begin database transaction: failed to process photo (/photos/DSC04092.ARW): open /app/cache/2/3/highres_DSC04092_ARW_6gwa6DDO.jpg: no such file or directory /app/cache is configured properly, folders like /app/cache/2/3/ were created, but there's nothing in it UPD: It seems it doesn't understand .ARW from sony a7rIV, .ARW from a7rII are processing properly.
  8. Thank you very much for the photoprism docker! Feeded it with my last 5 years raws folder, never seen this load before, haha
  9. Hey Spencer! Do you have any available messengers to discuss some translation issues? I don't have, for example, "invalid device", so i'm not sure whats this string about exactly.
  10. Hi Djoss! Just wanted to say thank you so much for this docker, it's a just pleasure to set everything up in gui and within couple of clicks another service is up and running.
  11. Hello @Ulvan, will the 4-into-3 cage protrude from the 5.25 drive bays when placed properly (without your custom fan bracket)? I bought the case, but my mobo is dual eatx, so it ends right near the edge of 5.25 bays area