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  1. This is a link to a space invader video talking about your original problem. From what I understand, NVIDIA has something in their bios to make their gaming video cards become resistant to virtualization or something. When it is the first slot, it need a custom virtual BIOS .ROM file which fixes this or something. I hope I solved your original issue with this response, maybe someone else will read this and give a better explanation!
  2. Okay well after a couple of hours of sleep, I have made some progress. I enabled syslog to save to flash, and I believe what has been happening is that when the old VM would start up it was using probably old usb pass-through and other wrong things in the xml. I have the second gpu VM operating, currently working to get a display out of the main (1st slot) gpu. Boom, Success!!! A New VM and using a custom hacked Graphics ROM Bios. ROM file for the GPU, now the "handoff" is working!
  3. Correct, hard freeze. I understand that the gpu that unraid is showing up on is supposed to be "handed off" to the VM. unRAID becomes inaccessible from the network as well, so yes a hard freeze.
  4. Hard freeze when trying to click the button to pass through the gpus and restart... Have to pull the USB drive again and delete /config/vfio-pci.cfg just to access the server again.
  5. So I have been working on this problem for hours. I have an Asus Crosshair Hero VII (wifi) with a 2700x and bios #2008. I ran two 1070ti and used 2 windows 10 vms for over 2 years daily (2 gamers 1 cpu) Well I just got a new cpu, 3950x, and I had to update my bios, so I now have 4603. Now both GPU have identical pcie ID names and virtually everything I try ends up crashing unRAID, I have even corrupted my usb a couple times. They are in different IOMMU. I have been able to get ONE of the cards to pass through to a VM, but if I try to start the second one the system hard crashes. I will continue searching for a way to get my daily system up and running, I really hate to have to roll back bios and go back to an 8 core cpu.
  6. I too have been battling similar latency issues for over 2 years now, I just call it the unRAID stutter... Mine is the worst when I write to my array without a cache drive, but dual parity, I believe that the parity calculations overwhelm the cpu and cause major stutter. This is an old link roughly showing my system: https://pcpartpicker.com/b/6vGG3C This has been helpful, I just have one question. What is htep and where do I find it?
  7. Limetech is the best! I can't say enough for the transparency of this company! Thank You! I have been running unRAID as a daily driver for over a year now, and it has been GREAT, if it quits working properly because of a security breach or something, well that is okay, i'm sure it would get fixed as a top priority. unRAID isn't an enterprise grade product, though I think it performs better than some, and there aren't thousands of workers behind the scenes. If you want that level of stuff, then you have to deal with constant forced updates and go pay the premium for it. I will back this company for as long as it stands!
  8. I have been using unRAID as my daily driver, and only computer, for about 14 months now. Getting my windows 10 VM to recognize this SMT just gained me like 25% performance, and fixed my microstutter problem in games!
  9. So after reading into this, and researching more, it seems like if we just wait, for possible integration in unRAID 6.9, or just pick a unRAID version that has a linux kernel version of 5.4ish, this will fix the Error 127 bug. This all seems to revolve around the newest generation AMD cpus, and the newer BIOS having conflicts with older linux kernel. In my particular situation, I have an Asus Crosshair Hero VII (WiFi) x470 motherboard. I can't update past Version 2008 (2019/03/14) without getting the 127 bug, and according to this article: https://www.asus.com/News/EtaH71Hbjuio1arV I need at least BIOS version 2302 to use ryzen 3k cpus. I believe that running some of the RC version of unRAID would fix this issue. I.E. unRAID version 6.8.0-RC1 has linux kernel 5.4
  10. Which version of unraid are you using? You arent using any special kernel? I am unfamiliar with unraid legacy mode.
  11. I was REALLY hoping that unRAID 6.8 would fix this issue. I have been running version 6.6.6 for almost a year as a daily driver with two windows VMs on a 2700x, with two 1070 ti, I have a ASUS Crosshair Hero VII (WiFi). The latest BIOS that works without the error 127 bug is version 2008, I just upgraded to unRAID 6.8 without issues. I tried to update to the newest BIOS which is version 2901, ASUS website seems to state that it has AGESA version This has failed GPU passthrough. Going to either revert BIOS back to version 2008, or try to learn how to do this kernel hack. EDIT: I will just bios flashback and wait to see hopefully this kernel update for the stable unraid 5.8. I don't want to learn how to roll-back unraid to a RC version. Thanks for all the hard work!!!
  12. Thanks, I will do that, I am writing down notes and my "append vfio-pci.ids=1912:0014,1022:145f,10ec:b822,1022:1457 isolcpus=1-7,9-15 pcie_acs_override=downstream,multifunction initrd=/bzroot" settings as well. I do have my UUID for the VMs saved as well, Thank you!
  13. Hello, I am using unRAID as our daily driver! This is the only computer we have, and it is setup so that when we turn it on, it auto-starts two VMs running retail Windows 10 Pro. Both VMs have their own usb controllers and their own NVIDIA 1070 ti, running multiple 4k/60 screens. A full hardware breakdown is here: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/LVhGPn I'm about to attempt an upgrade from unRAID version 6.6.6 to unRAID version 6.8. I am going to try to make full backups of all my settings and figure out how to easily roll-back to my stable version if it breaks. After I successfully upgrade unRAID 🤞, I am going to attempt a BIOS update from ASUS ROG CROSSHAIR VII HERO (WI-FI) Version 2008 (2019/03/14) to Version 2901 (2019/11/08) 🤞 The last time I tried to update BIOS I could not get past version 2008 without breaking the GPU hardware passthrough "Unknown PCI header type 127". I lucky have a bios-flashback button, and a USB stick to roll-back. This is in preparation for a cpu upgrade to the 16-core 3950x. I will reply to this thread with the results, please let me know if there are certain things I should try, I have lots of time on my hands. Thank, TsA!
  14. I got into unRAID because it was one of the only ways I found that I could come up with a NAS, and 2 windows 10 4k gaming machines in one box. We currently are currently doing travel nursing around the U.S. Every 3 months we pack up the hardware, and reset it up in our new hotel or apartment. I like the fact that we run a parity check every 3 months, helps determine if our HDDs survived the trip!
  15. So I have added backgrounds on the bare metal boot-up... started the server up again and now windows is activated on both boot-ups. Very odd indeed, anyways it is working!! YaY!!
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