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  1. Here are the diagnostics. Thank you! tower-diagnostics-20200319-1023.zip
  2. I've restarted RDP-Boinc and I'll keep an eye on the logs to see if anything shows up
  3. appdata is located in /mnt/cache/appdata/RDP-Boinc and appdata is cache only. cache is an SSD has 120+GB free Boinc was allocated 10GB of space on the cache drive Still can't figure out what the issue is ........
  4. I set up RDP-Boinc following @SpaceInvaderOne youtube video and have had to shut it off as it was causing disks to spin up, and stay spun up. I have had it off now for 24 hours and zero disk spin ups. Anyone else noticed this?
  5. As @saarg said deleting the contents of the codecs folder and forcing Plex to download new codecs fixed this problem for me
  6. I'm having some issues with certain files not playing remotely or locally on all machines and I wanted to see if an older version of the Plex server docker would fix the issue. I have tried removing the docker and the image and then reinstalling from template and changing the version field to (as an example). The docker is pulled down but when I check on the version from with Plex settings it is still showing as Version (most up to date) Strangely I can watch certain shows on my Nvidia Shield TV but cannot watch the same episode on my Macbook or remotely. What is the correct procedure to downgrade/rollback to an earlier version and where do I find the full names and history for these versions? Thanks
  7. It could be that rclone is crashing. Does rclone correctly start and allow you to browse the unionfs and rclone folder? I had to lower the buffer flag to --buffer-size 128M or rclone would run out of memory while Plex was scanning the directory. Its worth trying
  8. Would I run the "Docker Safe New Perms"? Just having a look at the rclone_upload folder that is created by the mount script and it has the following permissions drwxrwxrwx 3 root root Shouldn't the script create the upload folder with nobody/users permissions?
  9. No definitely mapped to the union folder. Sonarr could still see all of the episodes in a series when I did a scan of an episode within Sonarr. If Sonarr was pointed at the upload folder it wouldn't see any of that. It definitely seems permissions related. The error that it does not have access can also be generated by not being able to write to the destination folder (union folder).
  10. Permissions problem? I am having issues with Sonarr not being able to import and move files from the /downloads folder and then send them to the /mnt/cache/rclone_upload/google_vfs folder. here is my mount script else echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") INFO: mounting rclone vfs." # create directories for rclone mount and unionfs mount mkdir -p /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone mkdir -p /mnt/cache/mount_rclone/google_vfs mkdir -p /mnt/cache/mount_unionfs/google_vfs mkdir -p /mnt/cache/rclone_upload/google_vfs rclone mount --allow-other --buffer-size 128M --attr-timeout 1000h --timeout 1h --dir-cache-time 1000h --fast-list --log-level INFO --umask 002 encrypted: /mnt/cache/mount_rclone/google_vfs & # check if mount successful # slight pause to give mount time to finalise sleep 5 if [[ -f "/mnt/cache/mount_rclone/google_vfs/mountcheck" ]]; then echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") INFO: Check rclone gdrive vfs mount success." else echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") CRITICAL: rclone gdrive vfs mount failed - please check for problems." rm /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/rclone_mount_running exit fi fi ####### End rclone gdrive mount ########## ####### Start unionfs mount ########## if [[ -f "/mnt/cache/mount_unionfs/google_vfs/mountcheck" ]]; then echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") INFO: Check successful, unionfs already mounted." else unionfs -o cow,direct_io,allow_other,auto_cache,sync_read /mnt/cache/rclone_upload/google_vfs=RW:/mnt/cache/mount_rclone/google_vfs=RO /mnt/cache/mount_unionfs/google_vfs if [[ -f "/mnt/user/mount_unionfs/google_vfs/mountcheck" ]]; then echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") INFO: Check successful, unionfs mounted." else echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") CRITICAL: unionfs Remount failed." rm /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/rclone_mount_running exit fi fi ####### End Mount unionfs ########## ############### starting dockers that need unionfs mount ###################### # only start dockers once if [[ -f "/mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/dockers_started" ]]; then echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") INFO: dockers already started" rm /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/rclone_mount_running else touch /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/dockers_started echo "$(date "+%d.%m.%Y %T") INFO: Starting dockers." #docker start plex #docker start #docker start fi ############### end dockers that need unionfs mount ###################### I was worried that this was an issue with the docker paths not matching correctly but I have those matching what has been recommended. I stumbled across something odd. The downloaded files will be sitting in the downloads folder and Sonarr will not be able to import them. See below for typical error Couldn't import episode /downloads/completed/tv/The.Amazing.Race.Canada.S06E01.720p.HDTV.x264-aAF/The.Amazing.Race.Canada.S06E01.720p.HDTV.x264-aAF.mkv: Access to the path "/media/The Amazing Race Canada/Season 6" is denied. If I go to that pathway which is in /mnt/cache/mount_unionfs/google_vfs and look at permissions type ls -al I find that /mnt/cache/mount_unionfs/google_vfs/tv which maps to /media has permissions of drwxrwxrwx 1 root root 74 Oct 29 11:11 tv/ the folders within tv/ look like this drwxrwxr-x 1 root root 0 Sep 8 08:58 The\ Amazing\ Race\ Canada/ Now, if I go into /mnt/cache/rclone_upload/google_vfs and manually create the tv folder and series folder. then Sonarr is able to import the show and move it to the rclone_upload folder it now shows up in the union folder like this root@Tower:/mnt/cache/mount_unionfs/google_vfs/tv/The Amazing Race Canada/Season 6# ls -al drwxrwxrwx 1 root root 22 Oct 29 11:47 The\ Amazing\ Race\ Canada/ and -rw-r--r-- 1 nobody users 1706811776 Aug 8 2018 The\ Amazing\ Race\ Canada\ -\ S06E01\ -\ Just\ a\ Beaver\ Hero\ HDTV-720p.mkv This is beyond my skill level to properly explain let alone fix so I hope that I have provided enough information. TLDR is that nothing is moved into rclone_upload until I manually create the category and series folder in rclone_upload. At that point Sonarr creates the season folder and moves the renamed file into it. At that point the upload script can do its job. Unfortunately it then removes the category and series folder. Are there unionfs flags that I can add or permissions code that needs to be run by the script. Thanks
  11. Looking at my system this morning and the mounts are all active (I can play files on Plex and browse folders). I did notice however that the upload script did not move three files to the cloud mount. The log shows that in the hours proceeding other files were downloaded and then properly uploaded. Then the next time the script runs it finds a new local file and directories in rclone_upload but does not start uploading it The script starts at 3:40am The file was completed in NZBget at 3:27am and moved to rclone_upload The script requires minimum age of 20minutes So I'm assuming it excluded the file due to its age but the problem is that the next time the script runs at 4am it again excludes the file and fails to upload it. Since then another two files have been added to rclone_upload and they also get excluded when the upload script runs. If I manually start the script the same thing happens. Any ideas on why the script would work and then start failing after a certain amount of time? edit One of those files has since uploaded and i have test downloaded two more files and then run the upload script and both of those new files uploaded. The two old files are still sitting there and are excluded each time the upload script runs. Still have no idea why. edit Turns out many of the weird issues were created by the rclone mount script creating a situation where I was running out of memory. I have reduced the memory demand to a --buffer-size 128M and now the rclone mount is stable and hasn't crashed once. I'm sure if I add more ram then I could bump this up.
  12. Thats what I'm going to try the next chance I get to work on the server
  13. I've switched it back to not cache only shares and its working well again. Sometimes its good to take the win rather than breaking it and dealing with the wrath of the family. I've also noticed that sometimes my dockers are not seeing the mount points properly and disabling the dockers from the main docker settings page and then re-enabling brings it back to where Plex and Sonarr can access the unionfs mount. This isn't specifically related to these scripts or the unionfs mount as I was starting to have this issue prior to this. Not sure if its an issue with the current rclone beta or the unraid RC or a combination.