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  1. Hey, were you able to figure this out? Did everything work perfectly with your previous AM4 platform?
  2. Hello, I don't remember I did anything else than changing STRICT_PORT_FORWARD to no, but binhex already said that it shouldn't affect anything. I have ZeroTier as a host and qBittorrent as a bridge.
  3. Hello @dlandon, I am translating the plugin to Spanish and I have a question. For the Custom Match field, if someone wants to add a new search string to an event. He should use the English name of the event (i.e. "error", "minor issues", "lime tech", "array", "system", "file system", "drive related", "network", "login", "emhttp", "other") or the Spanish name? Thanks!
  4. Hello @Squid, I am one of the Spanish translators and I have a question regarding this plugin. I understand that the phrase in the Docker tab "Do not overlap with autoupdate" means that the frequency shouldn't overlap with the Plugin update check frequency. Am I wrong? Thanks! Edit: Also, to have it perfectly translated you should include in the file the words Disabled and Custom (to match the gender correctly), and I don't know why but the different days of the week are not being translated.
  5. Hello, I am having a similar issue. Did you figure it out? Is that a good workaround? Edit: after trying your solution, it increased my transfer speed (over SMB) from my VM to a Share located in the SSD from ~100MB/s to ~250MB/s. So that is good, but the SSD should still be able to read/write at higher speeds, maybe it is limited by the SMB overhead. It is a SATA MX500 so it should go up to ~500MB/s.
  6. Antes de nada, si quieres guarda una captura de pantalla para saber exáctamente como tienes configurado el array (la posición de cada disco). Luego, como ha dicho @chris1bass, tienes que ir a Herramientas > Nueva configuración y seleccionar todos los discos que quieres mantener en "Conservar las asignaciones actuales" antes de dar a Aplicar. Tras esto asegurate de que todos los discos sigan en su posición correcta en el panel Principal e inicia el array (se iniciará la reconstrucción de la paridad).
  7. Hello @SpencerJ, I will have some free time this weekend to review it. In any case you can merge it and I will create a new PR with the changes.
  8. I love the simplicity of adding new hard drives of any size and running dockers! For 2020 I would like an integrated backup solution to backup the chosen shares to an UD device or remote location through the GUI using versioning. Thank you!!!
  9. I just got a SSD Crucial MX500 and is hotter than my other disks (idles at 45C). If I increase the global temperature threshold my other HDD in UD will not report warnings when they should. Is the individual atributes/warnings in the roadmap for future plugin releases? Thank you!
  10. Yeah, but I wanted to avoid disabling that attribute on my unnasigned mechanical disks
  11. It's a shame... But as long as the SSD works as expected I guess it's not too bad. It would be nice to be able to desactivate the attribute 197 having the disk as unnasigned device, hopefully the plugin will be updated with that feature some day...
  12. Any news about this? My MX500 is arriving in a couple of days and I know I will have this problem, but it was a good deal and the performance is close to the Samsung drives. Any script to turn off the warnings as unnasigned device (keeping the monitoring of other unnasigned devices on). Thanks!
  13. Happy Birthday!!!! Please let me know if I get the badge!
  14. Okay, so it is not possible to do that with the docker from this post, right? I might try what you say.