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  1. I reformat the cache, now the issue is gone
  2. not sure what's the issue here, but after update to beta25, I just notice fstrim -v /mnt/cache take forever to complete; the iotop shows it take 100% with 0 bype read/write
  3. to be honest, I read some document, the manual enablement includes load modules, enable vf, even I can do it sucessfully, I don't know how to make it survive after the reboot
  4. I see some old discussion says unraid dose not support, not sure if there is any changs now
  5. problem here is when there is an error detected, how can we know if there is only one corrupt disk, or there are two corrupt disks
  6. not directly related to this topic, but assume I use btrfs for the disks in the array, when there is an error during the parity check (no automatic fix), can I run btrfs scrub on each disk to confirm if it is disk issue or parity issue?
  7. I have used 9211-8i, 9217-8i before,they cost less than $25 in China and work well with the unraid, the only issue is they run very hot, regular air flow in the normal case is not enough for them, I have to install a small fan using PCI mount kit to blow directly on them; now I'm using lenovo R430-8I (LSI-3408), it cost around $80, but runs much cooler, no addtional fan is needed, personally I will recommend it
  8. yeah, this is also my concerns, I just ordered another 14t HDD, and plan to convert the pool to raid 10
  9. since 6.9 has multi-pool support, I setup a btrfs raid-5 pool with three 14T HDD, the issue I find is the slow scrub speed, only around 40MB/s, it might take 3 days for a single scrub if I have 10T data on it, is it normal?
  10. is this a plugin, wha't the name of it
  11. as the mover tuning plugins has been removed, is there any way to disable mover scheduling, I don't want to run Mover only based on schedule
  12. Hi, when the plugin will be updated to use the data from emhttp?
  13. I'm mix sata ssd, hdd and sas hdd on the same lsi 3408 with an expander without any issue
  14. Can we have different HDD groups to control the fan speed instead of only the max temp