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  1. yes, I just notice the same thing, I'm quite sure before 6.92, it is work as I had to manually add pcie_asmp=off to get rid of some PCIe Bus Error message
  2. usually for wireguard, you only need to forwarder the wirguard port on UDM Pro to urnaid IP, all other port are still close to public
  3. 你要把硬盘直通给TRUENAS啊,和urnaid没关系了
  4. yes, it is dual port, I'm only use one of them yet, will test it later
  5. Guys, when I using the VF on VM, it cannot talk to the VM on br0, do you guys has this issue?
  6. I follow the how-to in the forum and using SR-IOV to create some VFs , and create a VM using the VF, but the VM on VF cannot talked to the VM on br0 network 1. VM1 is assigned a direct VF, on network 2, VM2 is usinn the urnaid default br0 to 3. VM1 can access unraid host and internet 4. vm2 can access urnaid host and internet 5. other PC on same network can acess unraid host, vm1, vm2 6. But VM1 and VM2 cannot take to each others google search can find some post like below: the solution is to use "bridge fdb add" command to add VF mac addresses and eth0 mac address to bridge forwarding but the issue here is unraid don't have the "bridge" command included, is there any other sulution for this issue?
  7. this is the reason I asked if we can attached a VF to container in the thread, it can help to solve the issue and meet the requirement
  8. 如果主要为了moments,你第一时间就没必要选择unraid
  9. never mind, I just find out the network-rules.cfg is changed, change it back fixed the issue
  10. I just update to 6.9.1 today, but after reboot, I cannot access the unraid, it has no network at all, in syslog, I find below, how I can have unraid do not change the interface name to eth15
  11. thanks for the how-to, is it possible to assign the VF to docker container?
  12. check your bios setup, I believe the fan control setting in bios should be smartfan, I using the same board and plugin works without issue
  13. I reformat the cache, now the issue is gone
  14. not sure what's the issue here, but after update to beta25, I just notice fstrim -v /mnt/cache take forever to complete; the iotop shows it take 100% with 0 bype read/write