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  1. The docker container vpn network support and the rebalance cache pool to different raid levels are both great to see!
  2. That's awesome! I'll give it a whirl
  3. Ah ok, I don't use irc that often and only on freenode. I just figured this would be better than using a bouncer.
  4. Can I request that you add VPN functionality similar to your deluge and other baked-in vpn containers?
  5. 3 years later, are there any changes and/or additions to the VM settings available in unRAID's vm creation template that you'd suggest?
  6. One of my biggest fears is my unRAID USB drive failing causing my entire system to go down. I'm wondering if there are any plans to allow for a secondary USB to be left in my unRAID machine and in the case of my boot drive failing, the secondary drive would become the primary with a notification in the gui of what happened.
  7. I am unfamiliar with intrepid and incorrectly assumed it wasn't possible to build it on my own. The webui works fine, sure, but the whole reason i use this container and deluge GTK specifically is to be able to use my windows 10 vm to click magnet links and then have them download and live on my array.
  8. I'm having the same issue and remote connections is enabled. I connect from a Windows computer, however the deluge website shows no plans for 2.x on mac nor windows... Are you able to duplicate this?
  9. I apologize for not updating this. I was getting errors in the nginx proxy manager interface when trying to make changes to a new proxy host. I took a screenshot of my config, deleted the docker container + folder within appdata and then installed and configured it fresh. It's now working as expected! One thing I did notice: when adding multiple proxy hosts i went back to confirm that all of the settings were correct and noticed that almost all of my newly-configured proxy hosts had all of the options unchecked in the SSL tab, and I am 100% sure that I had checked them all off.
  10. I updated nginxproxymanager last night and today I noticed that nextcloud wasn't connecting. I confirmed that my nslookups are still hitting my WAN IP, but none of my subdomains configured through nginxproxymanager are currently working. I did not change any configuration within the container. Is anyone else experiencing this?