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  1. Sounds like a PMS issue... likely some PMS crash. Did you check PMS logs? Maybe some new channel or plug-in was installed and it's now causing problems... maybe some new setting... Doesn't looks like an issue with the container itself. If you restart PMS from inside the container the problem get fixed as well? If so, one more indicator that it could be a PMS problem.
  2. I am sorry, I think the proper term is "official channel" (not plugin)... you should be able to see it inside the Plex Channel Directory. Link just for reference: I am asking @pannal (the developer) to better explain in his own words the need for unrar.
  3. Thanks for replying guys. I have that exactly same setup, however I am helping @pannal with beta testing a development branch which requires unrar to work properly with all souces (I guess some sources have the subs compressed in RAR format). I think @pannal tried to find some RAR tool embedded in python which is not available so installing unrar is a must. Do you guys see any other solution here besides forking as mentioned by @saarg? If unrar is becoming necessary for Sub-Zero (which is a official plugin and extremely important for us foreigners) would be possible to add it to the docker template? Thanks once again, your guys are awesome! Loving the UnRAID 6 (my update from v5 was longtime overdue) and the new features, especially the Docker capabilities. Will finally setup some automation tool like Sonaar and CouchPotato using the incredible amount of docker templates currently available.
  4. I have what's likely a stupid question but since I have no clue on how to accomplish what I want after doing hours of search I will ask any way. I need unrar installed inside Plex docker container so Sub-Zero plugin can work properly with subtitles. How can I accomplish this and make it stick after docker restart/reboot/stop/start/update? Appreciate your time.
  5. This is such a nice job. Thank you so much guys for your efforts and for sharing it with us. Really appreciate it.
  6. BTW: I had time to test the mobo and CPU and everything was properly detected by UnRAID. I've even precleared 2 WD Reds (2TB each). So far so good...
  7. My Plex is located in my office and my devices are at home. I play from Android and Chromecast and always need subtitles. Transcoding is a must for me (I didn't need it when my server was at home). I just got back today, I hope to have time this week to connect everything :-)
  8. I have a Rosewill RSV-8 (I think the build is very similar to yours) - and 3 of my friends have it as well. I and one of my friends had issues with the eSATA connector in the back of the case, after replacing the eSATA connectors all the errors went away. I've replace it using this bracket that I got from Amazon (remove the connector from the bracket and careful install it in the back of your Sans Digital case) I can't confirm 100% your problem is the same but that worked for me (my disks had ATA errors showing up in the SMART reports). I think my eSATA cable it's pretty large but it's working fine for me. Good luck and please keep us posted on the results.
  9. BTW: Looks like a couple of SATA power cable splits were giving problems... Server is working fine now. I've cancelled parity check since I was afraid that one of the disks would fail and I currently don't have a spare disk to replace. I am getting 2 WD Red 2TB and once I get back home I will replace disk2 and run a full parity check (hoping that no other disk will failing during the process). Thanks for all the assistance!
  10. Big thanks G! Just ordered the ASUS Z87-PRO (V EDITION) on Amazon Warehouse Deals for $130 bucks I didn't knew about the missing VT-x on the 4770K, very important detail. Just ordered the 4790K - someday I may decide to do some overclock In 2 weeks when I get back home I will assemble everything and post the results here. Thanks once again!
  11. What's your current CPU? How many disks do you currently have? Would you like to have room for more in the future? Until today I've only used UnRAID with old MOBOs (I also use this very same card for 8 of disks), all of them worked fine (the only failure was the one that wasn't able to boot from USB) Assuming you have less than 8 disks and a sigle PCIe card any cheap mainboard with a 1 PCIe slot should do the job. Look for the cheapest that supports your CPU in Newegg if you can't find any buy a new cheap CPU + RAM and you will be fine.
  12. Hi guys, I am about to upgrade my UnRAID server that I mainly use as a remote Plex Server (server is located at my office and not at home). Here is what I currently have: * i3 CPU (upgraded from a dual-core) which is not enough for my Plex transcoding needs * 8 SATA discs inside a Rosewill RSV-S8 connected to a PCIe x1 card (very slow parity checks - 15mb avg) - I am upgrading this card to a Rosewill RC-218 which is x4 hoping that speed will get better * 8 SATA discs connected to a SuperMicro AOC-SASLP-MV8 * 4 discs connected into MOBO SATA ports (current MOBO is a cheap Foxcomm) This is what am looking at: * i7-4770K CPU - I need more, more transcoding power * keep my same discs and cards (AOC-SASLP-MV8 + RC-218) And optionally (not a must have): * 2 additional MOBO SATA ports (for cache and spare disc pre-clear) * dual NIC * 1 additional PCIe port (x4 at least) for further expansion * PCI slot for NIC (in case internal NIC is not detected by UnRAID) Notes: * power consumption not an issue for me * I am using v5.0 but looking to upgrade to v6 to use VM features I am having a really hard time picking one up at Newegg (I am in the US now but in 2 weeks I will be back to South America so there's no room for mistakes) - I am very afraid about drivers support on UnRAID, specially in regards to disc detection and parity check errors (I won't be able to test this here before I head back home) Budget wise, I am willing to spend up to $200 in this MOBO (I was hoping to find something for less than $100 but then I found out that would be impossible and also unwise from me to have such CPU running in a cheap MOBO) What MOBO would you guys recommend for me? Really appreciate your help! Regards, chopeta
  13. OK, found the instructions in the wiki: Parity-Check in progres
  14. OK... clear now I thought I knew how to make disk12 show with a green ball again but I don't It's possible to "trust my parity" on v5 ? Here's a screenshot of my main just in case (should sent it at the beginning)