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  1. I'm having problem that unmanic is not doing anything. I have setup it like in guide and looked up setting and such and tried to manually make it scan library but nothing happens.
  2. I've had one guy whose card just wouldn't work at all as only GPU. He changed it to different card and it worked without problems. Everything seems to be in order in your VM xml. I don't know if some cards have just bioses which wont work. I guess you have also tried with latest drivers? After 465 they should have beta virtualizion support. Havent checked it myself yet.
  3. ip link #to find ethernet port dhcpcd ens1 #set dhcp up ping #test connection use ip link to find out what is your interface name
  4. Happens to everyone you can also use some other vnc client like tightvnc so you can keep browser addons intact.
  5. Well. I just tried with latest arch image and only problem with my guide was that i didnt tell to select install iso. It booted to shell first and then after selecting iso it booted to install media without problem. So what exactly happens after you have made new VM and connected to it? Its just black screen or what?
  6. VNC remote is exactly what i mean and it should connect with default setting and only those changes which i have mentioned in guide. Haven't tried with latest version and do you have virtualizion enabled in bios and your computer supports it?
  7. did you map gpu soundcard also and are gpu and gpu soundcard on same iommu group?
  8. Does that windows 10 vm work normally without gpu passtrough? Im pretty sure that its upto something with that cpu and you need to figure some workaround over that. Many people seems to have same problem. Like by just googling kvm threadripper and that error.
  9. what cpu you have? Googled a bit that those tainted errors shouldnt matter but not sure about those other errors. My log also gets there errors at end but my boot time to login screen is ~25 seconds. So errors after that is propably what you should research. 2020-11-15 10:16:20.255+0000: Domain id=3 is tainted: high-privileges 2020-11-15 10:16:20.255+0000: Domain id=3 is tainted: custom-argv 2020-11-15 10:16:20.255+0000: Domain id=3 is tainted: host-cpu char device redirected to /dev/pts/1 (label charserial0)
  10. Finally got it back working. So flashing back to older bios fixed my problems.
  11. Actually dont know if latest bios is the root cause since i cant get rid of error 43 currently. I though it was since my installation was old and i dont have extra activation key for that test machine which i made this guide. I don't think that i have changed anything else which would affect that. Have to double check bios settings if something in there has been changed. Agesa firmware.
  12. My bluescreen problem was fixed by those qemu commands. My bluescreens wasnt just random. I couldnt even boot into install media fully without those commands.
  13. I haven't had need to improve vnc performance as it is better than what i would even need so i don't have anything on that, sorry.