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  1. yeah can do, atm 100% cpu with valheim running. If i turn off plex for example leave valheim off my cpu is still 100%. stopping the valheim container cpu drops.
  2. literally just happened again. the htop cpu usage doesnt match the unraid dash. no vms running no idea whats going off atm
  3. no it wouldnt let me connect. good after a restart. whats the best way to troubleshoot whats using all my system resources next time it happens? did the same last night.
  4. why is valheim killing my server? only just started to happen.
  5. hi anyone having issues with this container after the latest update? i updated mine about a hour a go and its killing my cpu. as soon as i stop the container its all good. never had a issue up untill i updated?
  6. wine? maybe i have to run on windows then
  7. ive tried stopping and starting it several times. are you saying i cant change the serverconfig.xml from the default parameters? i need to put my own server name and password on the server.
  8. hello i just setup 7days server. edited the serverconfig.xml for game name password and ports and i get the following error in the log file Found path: /serverdata/serverfiles/7DaysToDieServer.x86_64 /opt/scripts/start-server.sh: line 100: 65 Aborted ${SERVER_DIR}/7DaysToDieServer.x86_64 -configfile=${SERVERCONFIG} ${GAME_PARAMS}
  9. yes so the one that is correct is the 42mb one
  10. doesnt look right. the server is Fox Server the very old one is FoxServer. At lest i know my backup issue was caused by a conflict with CA backup. Think ill have to accept that ive lost around 4 hours of game play
  11. the docker template hasnt been changed and names etc match up. my container just stopped and now the game save is 3mb again and its reset!! i dont think its your docker. must be the game some how. just a bit gutted after time ive put in. copy of my save if you want to look. https://we.tl/t-fQvX7fv1zB
  12. Ok to confirm. If i restore my backup directly back into the appdata folder. files are 42mb each. if i start the container and join the server. the files reset to 3mb. if i restore locally then copy over my world works. However all spawn points are reset.
  13. Works restoring it locally but doesnt on the container. I sopped the container deleted all the file and pasted the backup. Still no luck. CA Backup does run at the same time so that explains that. i left the game last night at 23:00 my friend player until 01:00 (loser). i havent made any changes to the docker.
  14. I set the container to restart every night at 03:00 to install any updates Yes the backup is enabled. although it seems to have skipped alot yesterday. we played the game untill 23:00. you can also see how the backup size decreases. i restored one of the backups but it still doesnt load the world. stopped the container, extracted one of the backups and pasted files over existing.
  15. Even restoring my backups doesnt work. anyone know of a fix?
  16. disaster, My vaheim server updated last night and now my world has reset :(. anyone else had this?
  17. great stuff. got it working thanks for your help
  18. i know i did try that but it doesn't connect on that port. Page cannot be displayed on port 5900
  19. i did use it but it caused me issue so im trying to get chromium working. Are you saying use his guide but for chromium? option are not the same
  20. i understand. By default the chromium container doesnt connect via VNC that correct? Guac and Chromium are on the same network using the default ports. i assumed this would just work like i am connecting locally.
  21. It does use VNC and works with firefox but i have issue with that browser. https://technicalramblings.com/blog/remotely-accessing-the-unraid-gui-with-guacamole-and-vnc-web-browser/ port forwarding isnt secure. Guacamole is a platform that allows you to access RDP VNC to your servers is in a more secure way. It has mfa to access to the dashboard where you can access your systems. This chrome version doesnt like what ever settings i use to VNC to it from guacamole.
  22. shame. would be really useful. I cant find anyway of getting it to work
  23. hi anyway to get chrome to work with guacamole? found a guide using firefox but its very unreliable.