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  1. That's what I feared. Thanks anyway, at least the USB drives are back and running again...
  2. Thanks a lot. I'll keep an eye on both. One non-unRAID question: any chance of recovering a failed SSD? It started off with a number (200 or so) SATA errors (Reallocated sector count and Uncorrectable error count) but the dive was still accessible. Then I powered down the server to put the SSD into another machine to clone it. Since then no computer even recognises the drive as one. Lost cause or anything I can try? Thanks again.
  3. Doesn't sound too good. What can I do to prevent unassigned disks from dropping? And I know about some ATA errors. They show up after re-booting but don't increase once acknowledged. Or are you referring to something else?
  4. Hi Jorge, Thanks very much for your reply. Rebooting fixed the issue and I was able to mount the 2 USB drives again. Should I still worry about the xfs_repair errors or not? Thanks a lot, Alex
  5. I really need your help. Not only did my cache ssd drive die completely, after replacing it with a new ssd and rebooting the server I can no longer mount my 2 external USB drives using the unassigned devices plugin. Diagnostics file attached. The drives are XFS formatted and called sdab and sdac. Running xfs_repair -v on both of them shows the same error: bad primary superblock and bad magic number. Running overnight it wasn't able to find a secondary superblock on either drive. The disc log info shows a similar error for both of them: un 16 17:43:44 unRAIDServer01
  6. Just in case anyone faced the same TIDAL playback problem (every song skipping, no playback possible): this update (to a newer version of LMS) solved the problem for me. Songs from TIDAL now play fine without any unwanted skipping. Perfect! Thanks again to @dlandon for updating the container so quickly!
  7. I think only LINUX and security patches and not the actual LMS version.
  8. Hi @dlandon, Could you please update LMS in the container to the latest version by any chance? Ever since the update to v8.0 my TIDAL integration stopped working and I believe there are some fixes for this in later builds. Thanks a lot, Alex.
  9. Thanks Squid for trying to help again. I tried the above without look - still the same problem I'm afraid. Reading around it seems that to resolve this one can either re-create the certs which doesn't work on unRAID per command above, or to disable certificate checking altogether (docker --tlsverify=false - again doesn't seem to work on unRAID) which I'd be happy with but can't find anywhere to do this... Very frustrating the whole thing as it just started to happen whilst I was on holiday and clearly hadn't done anything with the server.
  10. Is there any way of running something similar to docker-machine regenerate-certs default on unRAID? In other words, is there a way of re-generating the SSL certificates docker uses?
  11. Stopping docker, creating a new image and then installing a docker (either from existing template or totally new one) doesn't work - I still get the same errors. However, installing a new plugin from CA or updating existing ones works fine (without errors). Did the diagnostics file shed any light on the problem? Or do you think any installed plugins could interfere with docker? Perhaps ones that installed incorrectly (although they all seem to work)? I have these plugins installed (all are the latest version): CA Auto Update Applications CA Backup / Restore Appda
  12. I'll try this suggestion, thank you. In the meantime I attached the diagnostics file.