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  1. Sapphire RX460 2G GPU passthrough displays exceptions to the virtual machine But my gtx1060 is fine,I had no problem using Dataland RX460 2G before What I've tried to do: 1、Now the RX460 is in second slot,I'm going to move it to the first slot,also show exceptions 2、I added VBIOS, either black screen, or display an exception 3、I use RX460 to enter the BIOS interface, everything is normal 4、Is it the VBIOS of RX460 or the driver is wrong, or Sapphire RX460 2G is not compatible with UNRAID? Thanks New: 1、I bought another piece of Dataland RX460 2G, but the problem remains the same. Is there any solution? Thanks
  2. Sapphire RX460 2G GPU passthrough displays exceptions to the virtual machine But my gtx1060 is fine What I've tried to do: 1、Now the RX460 is in second slot,I'm going to move it to the first slot,also show exceptions 2、I added VBIOS, either black screen, or display an exception 3、I use RX460 to enter the BIOS interface, everything is normal 4、Is it the VBIOS of RX460 or the driver is wrong, or Sapphire RX460 2G is not compatible with UNRAID? Thanks SAPPHIRE RX460 2G
  3. Maybe you can try: First, from command line, type the following: modprobe -r kvm_intel Then type this: modprobe kvm_intel nested=1
  4. I use proxmox VE, this command don’t work for me, <cpu mode='host-passthrough' check='none'> <topology sockets='1' cores='4' threads='1'/> <cache mode='passthrough'/> <feature policy='require' name='vmx'/> </cpu>
  5. Have you solved your problem? I found a problem with nested virtualization in 6.8.
  6. version6.8.3 I also use nested virtualization,''kvm_intel nested=1'' is also display that turned on in the unraid system But it doesn't seem to work,6.7.2 version is not issue. In virtualmachine proxmox ve ,nested virtualization a Windows 10,but it always display the launch icon 6.8version nested virtualization command maybe do not work
  7. In version 6.7.2, sleep command can be used to wake up normally. In version 6.8, sleep command can cause problems in the system and the system cannot be entered after starting up
  8. I used geekbench 5, so this score is probably normal.
  9. @LeoyzenI5 8400 ,opencore 5.4,only update liu and weg, other configurations are the same as yours .But Geekbench score too low. <qemu:commandline> <qemu:arg value='-device'/> <qemu:arg value=''/> <qemu:arg value='-smbios'/> <qemu:arg value='type=2'/> <qemu:arg value='-cpu'/> <qemu:arg value='host,kvm=on,+invtsc,+hypervisor,+avx,+avx2,+fma,+popcnt,+xsave,check'/> </qemu:commandline> </domain>
  10. Has been solved, is the screen saver problem, replaced with a simple screen saver to reduce power consumption
  11. @Leoyzen Now my power consumption using virtual macos is 100w,but the power consumption of the virtual macOS in the lock screen state is 130w. Do you have this situation?
  12. @Leoyzen Use your opencore.release.qcow2 file,standby power consumption(Screen Lock) is higher(10W) than normal power consumption. Is there something that hasn't been optimized?
  13. Yes, I haven't used Hackintosh for a long time. I'm getting used to it. I add AppleIntelMCEReporter.kext and patch. It seems that shutting down Lilu logging didn't work
  14. Sorry, I forgot to provide the information. It's my fault. And logo problem has been resolved. I‘m very sorry to disturb you. MacOS:catalina10.15.1 Lilu:1.3.9 WEG:1.3.4 AppleALC:1.4.3 “-v” and "debug = 0x100": clover.qcow2 structuration: I add AppleIntelMCEReporter.kext , it's useless. This is SpaceInvaderOne clover.qcow2, I only update AppleALC, Lilu and WEG. C lover.qcow2 root directory has EFI folder and nvram.plist file. ├──BOOT └── BOOTx64.efi ├── Clover| └── cloverx64.efi └── config.plist └── startup.nsh └── kexts └── Other └── AppleAlc.kext └── Lilu.kext └── WhateverGreen.kext └── drivers64UEFI └── themes └── tools clover bootload then show this,catalina not happening,nothing to recover And then go back to clover interface, so repeatedly My xml: <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?> <domain type='kvm' id='11' xmlns:qemu=''> <name>Catalina</name> <uuid>767f3b01-df6f-de85-277a-82deb76002b0</uuid> <metadata> <vmtemplate xmlns="unraid" name="Linux" icon="linux.png" os="linux"/> </metadata> <memory unit='KiB'>4194304</memory> <currentMemory unit='KiB'>4194304</currentMemory> <memoryBacking> <nosharepages/> </memoryBacking> <vcpu placement='static'>2</vcpu> <cputune> <vcpupin vcpu='0' cpuset='0'/> <vcpupin vcpu='1' cpuset='1'/> </cputune> <resource> <partition>/machine</partition> </resource> <os> <type arch='x86_64' machine='pc-q35-3.1'>hvm</type> <loader readonly='yes' type='pflash'>/mnt/user/domains/Catalina/ovmf/OVMF_CODE.fd</loader> <nvram>/mnt/user/domains/Catalina/ovmf/OVMF_VARS.fd</nvram> </os> <features> <acpi/> <apic/> </features> <cpu mode='host-passthrough' check='none'> <topology sockets='1' cores='2' threads='1'/> </cpu> <clock offset='utc'> <timer name='rtc' tickpolicy='catchup'/> <timer name='pit' tickpolicy='delay'/> <timer name='hpet' present='no'/> </clock> <on_poweroff>destroy</on_poweroff> <on_reboot>restart</on_reboot> <on_crash>restart</on_crash> <devices> <emulator>/usr/local/sbin/qemu</emulator> <disk type='file' device='disk'> <driver name='qemu' type='qcow2' cache='writeback'/> <source file='/mnt/user/domains/Catalina/Clover.qcow2'/> <backingStore/> <target dev='hdc' bus='sata'/> <boot order='1'/> <alias name='sata0-0-2'/> <address type='drive' controller='0' bus='0' target='0' unit='2'/> </disk> <disk type='file' device='disk'> <driver name='qemu' type='raw' cache='writeback'/> <source file='/mnt/user/domains/MacOS Catalina/macos_disk.img'/> <backingStore/> <target dev='hdd' bus='sata'/> <alias name='sata0-0-3'/> <address type='drive' controller='0' bus='0' target='0' unit='3'/> </disk> <controller type='sata' index='0'> <alias name='ide'/> <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x00' slot='0x1f' function='0x2'/> </controller> <controller type='pci' index='0' model='pcie-root'> <alias name='pcie.0'/> </controller> <controller type='pci' index='1' model='pcie-root-port'> <model name='pcie-root-port'/> <target chassis='1' port='0x10'/> <alias name='pci.1'/> <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x00' slot='0x02' function='0x0' multifunction='on'/> </controller> <controller type='pci' index='2' model='pcie-root-port'> <model name='pcie-root-port'/> <target chassis='2' port='0x11'/> <alias name='pci.2'/> <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x00' slot='0x02' function='0x1'/> </controller> <controller type='pci' index='3' model='pcie-root-port'> <model name='pcie-root-port'/> <target chassis='3' port='0x12'/> <alias name='pci.3'/> <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x00' slot='0x02' function='0x2'/> </controller> <controller type='pci' index='4' model='pcie-root-port'> <model name='pcie-root-port'/> <target chassis='4' port='0x13'/> <alias name='pci.4'/> <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x00' slot='0x02' function='0x3'/> </controller> <controller type='virtio-serial' index='0'> <alias name='virtio-serial0'/> <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x02' slot='0x00' function='0x0'/> </controller> <controller type='usb' index='0' model='ich9-ehci1'> <alias name='usb'/> <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x00' slot='0x07' function='0x7'/> </controller> <controller type='usb' index='0' model='ich9-uhci1'> <alias name='usb'/> <master startport='0'/> <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x00' slot='0x07' function='0x0' multifunction='on'/> </controller> <controller type='usb' index='0' model='ich9-uhci2'> <alias name='usb'/> <master startport='2'/> <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x00' slot='0x07' function='0x1'/> </controller> <controller type='usb' index='0' model='ich9-uhci3'> <alias name='usb'/> <master startport='4'/> <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x00' slot='0x07' function='0x2'/> </controller> <interface type='bridge'> <mac address='52:54:00:1f:9e:ee'/> <source bridge='br0'/> <target dev='vnet0'/> <model type='vmxnet3'/> <alias name='net0'/> <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x01' slot='0x00' function='0x0'/> </interface> <serial type='pty'> <source path='/dev/pts/0'/> <target type='isa-serial' port='0'> <model name='isa-serial'/> </target> <alias name='serial0'/> </serial> <console type='pty' tty='/dev/pts/0'> <source path='/dev/pts/0'/> <target type='serial' port='0'/> <alias name='serial0'/> </console> <channel type='unix'> <source mode='bind' path='/var/lib/libvirt/qemu/channel/target/domain-11-Catalina/org.qemu.guest_agent.0'/> <target type='virtio' name='org.qemu.guest_agent.0' state='connected'/> <alias name='channel0'/> <address type='virtio-serial' controller='0' bus='0' port='1'/> </channel> <input type='tablet' bus='usb'> <alias name='input0'/> <address type='usb' bus='0' port='1'/> </input> <input type='mouse' bus='ps2'> <alias name='input1'/> </input> <input type='keyboard' bus='ps2'> <alias name='input2'/> </input> <graphics type='vnc' port='5900' autoport='yes' websocket='5700' listen='' keymap='en-us'> <listen type='address' address=''/> </graphics> <video> <model type='qxl' ram='65536' vram='65536' vgamem='16384' heads='1' primary='yes'/> <alias name='video0'/> <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x00' slot='0x01' function='0x0'/> </video> <memballoon model='virtio'> <alias name='balloon0'/> <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x03' slot='0x00' function='0x0'/> </memballoon> </devices> <seclabel type='dynamic' model='dac' relabel='yes'> <label>+0:+100</label> <imagelabel>+0:+100</imagelabel> </seclabel> <qemu:commandline> <qemu:arg value='-usb'/> <qemu:arg value='-device'/> <qemu:arg value='usb-kbd,bus=usb-bus.0'/> <qemu:arg value='-device'/> <qemu:arg value='isa-applesmc,osk=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'/> <qemu:arg value='-smbios'/> <qemu:arg value='type=2'/> <qemu:arg value='-cpu'/> <qemu:arg value='Penryn,kvm=on,vendor=GenuineIntel,+invtsc,vmware-cpuid-freq=on,+pcid,+ssse3,+sse4.2,+popcnt,+avx,+aes,+xsave,+xsaveopt,check'/> </qemu:commandline> </domain>
  15. @Leoyzen I add the lasted Lilu/WEG to my clover/kexts/others ,it's fine. And I add AppleIntelMCEReporter.kext ,no problem. Then I use IMacPro1,1 as product model, boot failed and restart all the time
  16. @LeoyzenOh, thanks, you are so cool. Can I copy clover.qcow2 EFI to OS EFI? And the launch logo is in the upper left, blurred screen.Can I solve these problems through kext files?
  17. Changing the product model results in boot failure and black screen system:catalina clover:spaceinvaderone clover.qcow2 model imac14 to imac18 and imac19
  18. I moved the EFI folder in clover. qcow2 to vmdisk, then removed clover.qcow2 guide , hoping to start it from vmdisk. However, the clover interface appeared,but I choice boot from vmdisk, failure, black screen. I change product modle in clover.qcow2 config.list . Black screen . I choice 19.3 and 18.3
  19. Sorry, what do you mean?The custom clover has been saved clover.qcow2?
  20. Yes, after configuring clover file, backup it into clover. qcow2 file. Is this all right?
  21. I know, but I want to custom clover.qcow2. Do you have some idea?
  22. @SpaceInvaderOne Can I customize this file clover.qcow2? Or are there other sources of access?I want to custom clover