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  1. Thanks for the info, yeah this was a great find i am happy that you guys made this thread. Something tells me many who use xfs encryption only find out about this very big flaw once it is too late, i am very happy to have found this before shit potentially hit the fan so to speak. Cheers, have a nice day!
  2. I understand the risks, but to minimize the risks with encryption what are the steps to take? I guess the best way for me to answer my own questions it to actualy just remove one my array drives and try to mount it, the problem is the software costs nearly 700$, a big price to pay for a test, i will see if the trial version can give me the answer of if the team behind the software can give me a short test period just to make sure i have a solution in case a real disaster was to happen. From what i've learned through reading the forums is: 1. Backup your luks xfs en
  3. Reading more on the subject it appears if your luks xfs header is corrupted you are screwed, there are therefor a good idea to backup your xfs headers as an extra security:
  4. Thank you, i am doing a little bit of research if disaster was to strike and to backup these headers seem essential if you do xfs encryption as if the header is broken all your data is lost on that disk because you cannot mount it even with the correct password (as i understand?) A question to an expert like yourself, is it nessecary to run the header backup as a "cronjob" do have "fresh" header backups or is this only needed to run once as the header never changes?
  5. This software seem to support luks xfs encrypted volumes: Does anyone have any experience in mounting a luks xfs encrypted unraid volume using this software or any software like it, is it straight forward just enter the key and it will work or does unraid apply more "strangeness" to the encryption header making an unraid luks xfs encrypted volume different from a regular one done in in something like ubuntu?
  6. I'm not 100% certain i can find a definitive answer to this question. But part of unraids safety is that if parity fails and unraid array won't work for whatever reason, you can always just mount the single disks and access precious data that way. This appears to be pretty straight forward if you don't encrypt your filesystem, but what if you do? I can't find a straight forward way how to mount a luks xfs encrypted unraid volume in windows and move the data, is it possible? What software is required?
  7. Awesome, thanks for all your hard work, love the unraid community!
  8. But will that work? Won't it be capped at 12tb if i already have one parity running at 12tb?
  9. Hey guys, should i use this docker rather then the more up to date one here: Is there any particular reasons you are running a shinobi that has not been updated in 6 months? The repo looks unactive or am i wrong here?
  10. Hello, I've been testing this docker and i've ran into some issue where when i delete files in the shinobi interface the files on unraid just gets renamed to .fuse files until i shut down the shinobi docker completely these files will not disappear. It's like the docker container is locking the files as "in use" even though they shouldn't be. My configuration is as follows: Cache only share called "CCTV Files" Stored Video Location = /mnt/user/CCTV Files I added 3 variables to make the file permissions work properly with unraid PUID 99 PGID 100
  11. Can i access this information via unraid or is that via bios only?
  12. looking at the logs from the past, apparently this has been going on for awhile, is it a bad memory module? First error was logged 10/28/2020.
  13. Yeah, thanks for the clarification, cheers!
  14. ok so best practice is to use this docker with a vpn provider that does not allow public exposure (NATed / block all incoming)?
  15. I mean the docker is still on my internal network, the only thing that has changed is the vpn i use with the proxy now does not block any incoming traffic as the previous vpn provider was. Is this going to be a problem? The docker container is still only accessible via my internal network.
  16. i have previously used this with a vpn provider that didn't have "public ip" which means most incoming connections were automatically blocked. i have now switched to a vpn provider that provides no blockage so anything connected to the vpn is fully exposed the internet. is this container in its default setting safe to use this way?
  17. thanks for the quick replies by the way! ok i am copying everything just in case. Hopefully i can just drop the CFG folder back in and start up and it should have my settings? Time will tell, the copy will take awhile the folder was very big with a lot of small files. Ill post back if it was a success or not EDIT: Success, worked perfectly, shutdown jdownloader docker, delete everything except cfg folder, boot it back up, and everything is back to normal, cheers ich777 for the amazingly fast support
  18. is there anyway to save the "log of files" ive already downloaded? If i delete everything i asume all my settings are gone and all my filehoster accounts ive added? I want to save those settings before deleting anything. Is it possible to just remove the corrupt update? Where is it stored? I looked inside the docker /jDownloader2/updates but there's nothing there.
  19. Jdownloader2 container is completely broken since last update, container just loop updates forever and won't start anymore. Non of the message is copy-pastable. Ideas to make it work again?
  20. No active directory, but i have setup the same credential user/pass for my windows user on this computer as on the unraid installation and given that user permission to the share, the shares configuration is "Private" with Read/Write access to my specific windows user. All ideas welcome.
  21. I cannot for the life of me understand why unraid keeps changing my folder permissions from to At first i though this was due to rsync being run with faulty flags but it appears it just happened when i was experimenting accessing a folder from windows via SMB and no rsync was ran. Here's exactly what i did. 1. I SSH into my unraid, go to /mnt/user/Backup 2. I check folder permissions within /mnt/user/Backup using ls -l They come out like this: I see that "Other Backup" drwxrwxrwx. 3. I use my windows machine and pu
  22. All of the sudden this container doesn't work for me, i haven't changed or updated anything RTNETLINK answers: Permission denied Whats wrong?
  23. scripts ran by user scripts plugin are they run as root user? edit: is there a way to run the script as a specific user?
  24. can you elaborate on how to do this properly?