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  1. Thank you for this. it finally ran. I have been trying since last night. I did miss this part or rather didn't understand it well enough. At least I am getting errors now that are channel related.
  2. I tried but didn't find a github page. There is a docker hub page at https://hub.docker.com/r/linuxserver/webgrabplus/ I read the instructions there. When I restart the docker container, I get the following log. I am not sure what to do to get it to run. How do I edit the cron schedule?
  3. sorry to ask a stupid question...how do I run this docker? docker exec -it webgrabplus webgrabplus This says: OCI runtime exec failed: exec failed: container_linux.go:346: starting container process caused "exec: \"webgrabplus\": executable file not found in $PATH": unknown Can someone kindly help? Thanks!
  4. super! Thank you for all the help. I also generated domain level cert and now not getting any cert error either.
  5. This works! Thank you! On a different note, when I go to my site without putting "www" in the www.example.com, I get to the following site instead. My cloudflare for the A record is as follows: I do not know where this A record points to. Since I do not have a permanet IP, I can't really change this A record IP (unless there is a way). Cloudflare only allows a static IP in there. Is the A record causing this or is there something I can do in the nginx config?
  6. Thank you! I will review this. I can remove the Wordpress Docker and install Wordpress directly then.
  7. Ok...definitely spoke too soon....the Static conversion does not render very well it seems
  8. Ok...looks like I might have found an interim solution with WP2Static plugin. Export the WordPress to a static site. Not ideal however. Anyways, if anyone has any recommendation. Please let me know. Thanks!
  9. Hi Everyone, I want to host a simple site on Wordpress on my unraid server. I have setup Letsencrypt, Wordpress, MariaDB, Phpmyadmin. My Letsencrypt routing works but I didn't find a proxy-confs file for Wordpress in nginx\proxy-confs directory. I tried to use the adgurd.subdomain.conf (renamed) configs, but the Wordpress site doesn't render properly. Now I know that the Letsencrypt docker has a webserver build in it and if I put the site in the letsencrypt\www directory, the site works. However, I the process of editing the site is not as straightforward as editing the site from t
  10. So just to kind of conclude on this, my friend who is in IT Infrastructure had been dissing me for a while for not getting an ASUS router. So I finally pulled the trigger and got one today. Configured everything almost the same as my Trendnet router....and now I can access the sites from within my network....so I supposed all it required was money!!! lol...I don't know how else to explain it.
  11. Thank you for all your research and response. I will go with the host file. I do have a archer c2600 that is serving as an extender that i could flash with wrt but I need to take a break for a few days before I do that lol. I found the instrcutions here for the host file: so basically add the two hosts with the same ip in the file? Ok I added using the user script. But it didn't work...:(
  12. I have the Trendnet Router. I can't find any NAT Loopback anywhere. This is the emulator: https://www.trendnet.com/emulators/TEW-827DRU_v1.0R/basic_status.html
  13. Ok I just confirmed this by using the phone that I can now reach both sonarr and nextcloud....so it must be the nat loopback issue because i can't connect from inside the network.
  14. Thank you for the reply! How do I create a static dns record? I have done the following in the UnRaid server. Then in the router I have done the following through the DHCP List: So: Unraid needs to have the correct IP for the domain ---> I think this has been done. Cloudflare needs to have the correct IP for the domain ---> This is done using the DNS pointing to irisnet. The proxy setting in cloudflare should be off ---> Done You need to give it time for the new cloudflare setting to propagate to the DNS server