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  1. Regarding the latest update for Unassigned Devices Plus; Is there a reason why the plugin is being rolled back? "2021.01.24 Fi: Remove libfsapfs package"
  2. Try removing the server from the Plex 'Authorised devices' in the Web GUI on a browser and then try to reclaim your server. I too struggled till I tried this approach. I hope that solves the issue for you.
  3. It looks like the Plex dev's have solved this issue. Version seems to resolve the playback issue. As it turn's out, it was a problem with decoding dolby 7.1 audio. When you switch to 5.1 dolby or stereo dolby with 4K it all worked before this update. Just not with 7.1.
  4. This issue seems to be fixed with Plex version
  5. Sorry ich777, I haven't had a chance to reply to you sooner. I'm running Unraid version 6.8.3 and I'm running the Unraid Nvidia image from here... Nothing was running at the time of the creation of Kernel helper but, I've just realized that maybe I'm not suppose to try and create the new Kernel with my running Unraid Nvidia operating system? If so, that is a little embarrassing. From what I understood at the beginning of the thread, "nVidia Driver installation: If you build the images with the nVidia drivers please make sure that no other process is using the graphics card o
  6. This is cross post from the Plex forum https://forums.plex.tv/t/unraid-4k-playback-broken/643647 as I thought this might be an issue with the server release above Server Version#: 6.8.3 Apple TV Player Version#: 7.7 Sadly since Plex Linuxserver version , 4K will no longer playback certain .mkv files. What is confusing is some of the Movies or TV shows encoded with exactly the same .mkv format actually play, but most of them don’t. When monitoring the Plex server dashboard I noticed that when playback is invoked
  7. Thanks to your absolute brilliance, I think I managed to get through building my own custom image! Herzlichen Dank! I think what got me was my firewall, which BTW I still don't completely understand, as I turned it off. But, I'm on a Ubiquiti gateway which has been having issues lately which only added to the confusion and frustration I think. So, here is my enclosed log file. Does it look ok? Thanks again Ich777. 2020-10-12_20.10.30.log
  8. Thank you so much for your help! Danke! So, yes I'm being blocked somewhere and I'm guessing my Unifi firewall is preventing it. Manually moving the downloaded kernel 4.19.107 on another network worked after restarting the container. Now it is stuck with ZFS vmaster. Kernel.org works on the network but just won't download with Unraid. Where would I find ZFS vmaster? ---Copying Kernel Image to output folder--- ---Downloading ZFS vmaster, please wait!--- ---Downloading ZFS vmaster, please wait!--- ---Download of ZFS vmaster failed, putting container into sleep mode!
  9. Thank you for your response. No, I didn't stop the container throughout the process. I have tried the link above out and the browser says "This site can’t be reached mirrors.edge.kernel.org took too long to respond." I have now tried on another network and the link does work and downloads the file via a browser. Once I deleted all the contents of the 'kernel' folder I then restarted the container, the process starts again but gets stuck at 'downloading Kernel v4.19.107' ...so I then copied the previous manually downloaded kernel file into the 'kernel' folder but the manager fails a
  10. I am quite new to this but when I try to run the Kernel Helpbuilder container, I receive this error 'Download of Kernel v5.8.13 failed, putting container into sleep mode!' . I've also tried the current build 6.8.3 and receive the same error with Kernel v4.19.107. Also, the container does not go into sleep mode when I receive this output 'Download of Kernel v5.8.13 failed, putting container into sleep mode!' in terminal. 2020-10-12_12.20.15.log
  11. Is there a step by step guide on how to set this up with Emby's Post script setups? I'm not sure how to setup and integrate with Unraid.
  12. Hi there, I'm having an issue with a process that I'm not really sure about. I am receiving this 'ImportError: No module named yaml Connection to closed by remote host.' Does anybody know what 'yaml' is? Here is the log from the Plex container. ------------------------------------- GID/UID ------------------------------------- User uid: 99 User gid: 100 ------------------------------------- [cont-init.d] 10-adduser: exited 0. [cont-init.d] 40-chown-files: executing... [cont-init.d] 40-chown-files: exited 0. [cont-init.d] 45-plex-
  13. Me too! No luck at all. I'm running Nvidia Unraid version 6.8.2. I'm adding my Diagnostic as well. Maybe this will help? plexunraid-diagnostics-20200215-1314.zip
  14. I just realised that my LSI 9260-16i SAS card may not work in IT mode. Can you recommend a good HBA card for BPN-SAS2-846EL1 (24 drives) and also for the 8 drives I have in my local server? I notice in another post that the LSI 9305-16i might be the way to go but it's expensive. It would be nice to only use one slot. With two slots maybe this one 9207-8i?