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  1. I found this, but this did not provide a solution. Whenever I navigate to the VM tab, the GUI pauses for a few moments while a disk spin up. As I have created a V-DISK on the array whenever I navigate to the tab, unraid is checking the file paths of the VM images. This is with the VM stopped. A snapshot from the file activity plugin shows my Xpenology Vdisk is spinning up disk 3. I assume the other items are on the cache, so no spin up is required. Is this expected behaviour when the VM tab is navigated to?
  2. The RTX 3000 cards supposedly support SR-IOV from a hardware point of view. But Nvidia will need to enable it (they won’t as it’s an enterprise feature). Unraid would also need to support it. Although cool to have 1 GPU and to split it up. It’s a very fringe case. fit two or three GPUs or use this guide to share the GPU (not at the same time)
  3. So I did a bit of testing with CSGO VM vs BM @1080p and see similar results. The community benchmark goes from around 400 to 320 average FPS. Playing with bots on one of the maps and there is a same result around 80 FPS drop. But this is such an extreme test and so unrealistic. I bet if I made a 4 core (one CCX) VM it would be much closer. But 300 FPS in a game is a bit ludicrous anyway.
  4. Although I have not tested CSGO this was my results BM 12 core vs 6 core VM. This is with a GTX 1080. Cinebench R20 BM multi = 6675 VM multi = 3488 (52%) BM single = 511 VM single = 471 (92%) Cinebench R15 BM multi = 3010 VM multi = 1457 (49%) BM single = 192 VM single = 190 (99%) timespy BM GPU = 7548 VM GPU = 7446 (98%) CIV VI BM turn time = 7.56 VM turn time = 7.63 (99%) BM FPS = 128 VM FPS = 130 (102%) F1 2019 BM av FPS 136 BM min FPS 101 VM av FP
  5. The NUMA stuff is related to threadripper not your 3950x. But the principal is the same. your 3950x is made up of two CPU dies. Each die has two CCX made up of 4 cores. if you are gaming. You want to avoid crossing over die to die as this will add significant latancy as the OS isn’t aware of the layout of the CPU (because it’s in a VM) lowest latency will be one CCX. But this might not be enough CPU power for you. My view with my 3900x was to give the VM one whole die. in your first layout you have passed all the hyperthreads of all the cores, th
  6. It’s to do with cross die and CCX latancy. Also setting up the MV for the correct application. a lot of this is talked about in the thread: TLDR workstation - spread load evenly across cores / dies / ccx gaming - minimise cross die and CCX interaction. If you are just gaming. You will probably get better performance with 4 cores from one CCX. I have a 3900x and I use one die (2 CCX) for 6C/12T gaming VM. I can’
  7. So I am still suspicious of the VBIOS as I could never get the gpuz method to work. As your on an ITX you can’t have two GPU. There is a new guide for this that will slow your to dump it directly in unraid.
  8. As an alternative... I don’t sleep my VM I shut them down. I then use the below guide to send a remote WOL request. I have shortcuts on my phone that I can ask Siri to activate. works well and the VM is booted before I have had chance to sit down at my gaming chair!
  9. Still an interesting topic if some developers try to prevent virtual environments. However, it looks like RDR2 was patched today and now for whatever reason it works on a very standard VM setup. 2700X - 4 cores passed and isolated GTX 1080 - passed as primary 2TB NVME - Passed HyperV-on Performance is nice as well 50-70 FPS 1440P ultra!
  10. Short answer is No. longer answer is this is possible on an enterprise level but requires some significant Licensing to enable. The RTX 3000 cards are supposed to be SR-IOV capable but Nvidia would have to enable it for jolly old consumer.
  11. If you have a I-GPU that you keep enabled. Do you even need to pass a VBIOS? I though you only need this if it was your primary GPU. you will need to set the I-GPU as your primary GPU in the BIOS.
  12. Have you dumped your own VBIOS using this guide? I noticed from your XML that your have named your vbios “***modded” so I guess you have downloaded it or dumped via GPU-Z then edited the header. I could never get this to work with my GPU. You need another GPU to do this but for me it worked first time. i would also try and use the GPU as the secondary and pass it without a Vbios fist to check all is good.
  13. I don’t remember editing the vbios when I dumped my own. I don’t think you are supposed to do that. did you follow this guide? edit: just re watched this and you need the 3090 as the secondary GPU. when I tried dumping via GPUZ and editing it still don’t work for me. So I followed this guide. do you have another system with two PCIE slots. Or somebody you trust to dump the bios via this method?
  14. It would be interesting if somebody could make a guide for the not so technical. I am dual booting to get around this issue in RDR2. Are there any risks associated to this approach?
  15. As you are passing a VBIOS, I assume you are using this as your primary GPU? Have you tried using it as a secondary and not passing the BIOS to start with? Have you dumped your own VBIOS from the card or edited one? I have no end of issues with my 1080 until I dumped my own bios.