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  1. If you go to your container settings you'll see that the variable MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD is blank. Add a password to this variable and you should be able to execute the commands.
  2. I just encountered this problem today and haven't found a fix. My existing peers work just fine, but when I add a new peer I get this error.
  3. Is this still the only way to get nvenc encoding using Handbrake?
  4. I attached copies of my xml files. They are setup correctly but the webui function doesn't work as described above. my-binhex-qbittorrentvpn-Sonarr.xmlmy-binhex-qbittorrentvpn-Radarr.xml
  5. I even removed my docker image and recreated it and I still cant get it working. No idea what's going on I followed the guide but its not working. EDIT: I should not that I don't there's a problem with the container, I think it's a problem with plex and my trying to use a gtx 660.
  6. Is there anything else you did to get it working? I've tried reinstalling the docker and everything else you tried and I still cant get it working. did you restart your system or docker? Plex shows that I'm using hardware transcoding, video card is going to P0 power state, yet nothing is showing up for running processes.
  7. It is downloading other emails but only in batches. It seems to only affect Google as my non-Google accounts fetched all emails just fine. EDIT: Looked in to it more and it looks like its a Gmail issue. First report I've seen going back to 2009. I guess I'll just have to wait a few days and let everything download.
  8. @ich777 I did a fresh install of Thunderbird and I'm connecting via POP3. I connected my gmail accounts and when it downloads my previous emails its only doing so in batches. Every time it connects to download new emails it only does about 20 for my first email and 250 for my second. I don't remember having this problem when I was trying Thunderbird locally on my desktop. Any idea why this might be happening?
  9. I just wanted to help you out with this in case you didn't see it already. At the top of any page there's a search function with a list of options. Hope this helps.
  10. @binhex this might be a dumb question, but have you run in to issues with multiple containers for this container? I've noticed some odd behavior where it seems like multiple containers are using the same image file. And I wonder if this is part of my webUI issue. Here's a couple screenshots of what I'm talking about. Currently I have two containers running, one for radarr another for sonarr. I installed a third container for testing and was receiving these errors. Trying to startup a third container Removing the third container and image file.
  11. I would assume the same, changing the variable in the template and it gets updated, but its not working. I've also tried changing it in the docker template and it doesn't work. I'm running it in Bridge with no static address.
  12. I have two docker containers of binhex/arch-qbittorrentvpn and one does not open on the correct custom webui port I specified. I have changed the WebUI element to 8085 as such: When I click on the container and select WebUI it takes me to the default port 8080; however, I can navigate to the UI by manually entering my IP:Port in my browser. It appears that only this one container is affected, all of my other containers appear to be working. I have cleared browser cache, tried a different browser, restarted unraid, and rebuilt my docker image. So far nothing has worked to fix the issue.
  13. Correct. I can enter my IP:Port manually to open the UI. The WebUI link in Unraid doesn't work it sends me to the default 8080 port instead of my custom port.
  14. Thanks for the double check! I've tried all of that multiple times and still not working. I'll go to support and see if they can work it out.
  15. I've also encountered this issue. I created a new key:value pair for the webui, and changed the webui element and it still doesn't take me to the correct port. Attached my xml to verify. Also I'm on 6.9.2 EDIT: Interestingly my new container has the webui_port key as number 9 because of the VPN_CLIENT key being added. binhex i noticed your webui_port key is on 8 which makes me question if something happened when adding the vpn_client key. copy-my-binhex-qbittorrentvpn-Sonarr.xml
  16. Go back into edit and click advanced at the top right. Put in the new port there. Are you talking about the WebUI element? Yes I've already done that it's in the xml i posted.
  17. I'm having an issue where the webui is directing me to the default 8080 even though I changed it to 8085. I checked through my config and there's nothing set to 8080 that could be causing this so I'm a little confused why it would be happening. I attached my docker xml, scrubbed some personal information. copy-my-binhex-qbittorrentvpn-Sonarr.xml
  18. I've been having issues with the 7dtd server and access the web control panel. The default port is 8080 which conflicts with another docker so I changed the docker settings to 8081. I can access the web UI on 8081, but it kicks me out after maybe 2-3 minutes. Sometimes it also kicks me out and I have to log in again when I try to issues commands. I also posted in the Discord to see if they know anything about it. Any idea what might be going on?
  19. I know this is somewhat old, but I ran in to a similar problem and maybe this will help solve other problems as well. This is in regards to settings being overwritten or what seems like settings not taking effect. In the Container Settings, double check if you have "True" for Validate Installation. From the wiki, emphasis mine:
  20. I just purchased a BVN650M1 UPS and wanted to set it up via Unraid. I have a USB 3.0 cable going from my server to the USP. When I apply my settings it keeps saying that it Lost communication (screenshot shows this). I've never setup a UPS before so I'm a little miffed on why it's not working. Is the USB port power only? Did i configure something wrong in settings?
  21. Can not get the docker to work either. Tried moving/renaming the file to tor standards and could not get it working. There's also no documentation about this docker. Probably just going to setup the relay myself until a better docker comes around or this is fixed.
  22. I started up a Ubuntu VM today and it's working now. Using 18.04.03 Desktop. The only setting I changed was switching Machine to i440fx-4.2. I thought I did this before and it didn't work so I'm not sure why it's working now but it is.
  23. I just installed this docker tonight to use it. I imported a recipe from URL to test it out. The empty spots on the left are because I tried to use fractions. At the bottom I tested a period and it worked. I'm guessing this is a known bug?
  24. Container launches and it shows up in steam server list. Thanks a bunch!