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  1. Having strange issues on trying to add/edit a folder after an update to the plugin recently to latest version (2021.03.14). Issue breakdown. 1) Adding a new folder after the update as normal created a folder called "undefined" and i can not edit it or do anything now, not even remove it. Trying to change the name, add icon, add in dockers, clicking submit does nothing. If you click submit without a name it alerts to add a name as normal but once you add in a name it still does not save. 2) Later inspection of existing folders before the update they all stil
  2. Did anything change with Element ? Somehow my server has completely halted on sending messages. The server shows up like everything is fine and connected just can't send any messages. Matrix server seems ok, however I am getting a weird error with Element: 2021/02/17 15:00:32 [error] 21#21: *48 open() "/usr/share/nginx/html/config.chat.mydomain.net.json" failed (2: No such file or directory), client:, server: localhost, request: "GET /config.chat.mydomain.net.json?cachebuster=1613592032263 HTTP/1.1", host: "chat.mydomain.net" I have not done any changes an
  3. just a heads up with Eco, there is now a native linux server, should be way better for a container. Latest Patch Notes:
  4. I may have found out what the issue is with new installs after June 2020, while combing through the github I found this under: synapse / docs / ACME.md so it seems now the built in ACME is non-functioning for new installs, breaking everything. So now you are to use certbot to place the files in the tls directory for tls authentication. Instructions will have to be reworked to reflect this or containers updated. If any of this is wrong please let me know so I can edit. Thanks Edit- 9/20/20 - I fixed my issue, you can't edit the homeserver.yaml and ha
  5. I may have figured out what the issue is, I found this while combing through the github, under: synapse / docs / ACME.md it says as follows: I think this may be what the issue is for me, ACME is broken and killing the whole process. So I guess the only way forward is to sign it with certbot somehow...if I can figure it out I will write up some kind of tutorial. Maybe A75G can tweak the container to automatically do a certbot for ACME to function. Please ping me and let me let me know if anything is wrong here so I can edit. Edit- 9/20/20 - I f
  6. Yea that's what I've heard from others as well. Existing installs prior to the update still work fine. I don't doubt the few guide sets I've read as people have posted that they installed successfully just fine with them. Which is why I think something in the first file generation has changed that breaks everything now maybe. I did get a sample homeserver.yaml file to cross compare with and I noticed a lot more things was commented out on the generated file vs on the existing file someone shared with me they say is working. I will try uncommenting everything that does
  7. Yea I have been having a similar issue for a few days in a fresh install. I am currently trying to track down exactly what changed to cause this. Can anyone confirm after the July update that they have clean complete installed this following instructions and it works? Like boots up, no errors?
  8. I followed the tutorial on Page 2, and a few other tutorials i found online. I seem to end up with it non-functioning when all the instructions said keep most all of it default initially and it should work. I believe something changed with the initial setup process in first generation of the files that does not effect existing setups perhaps (cause existing does no generation as it all exist). Thanks for the file I will cross compare and tweak around work more on it see if I can figure out exactly whats going on. Edit 8/11/20 - According to another post it seems others
  9. I get the same exact thing been fighting it for days. Also had permission locked homeserver.yaml files as well as the random red errors...this is about as far as I have got with the errors gone, and still does not work. I have installed fresh to different appdata directories about 5 times.... I think something changed with the matrix codebase and the docker setup is borked now. Here is a snip for about as far as I was able to get maybe be of some use, but mainly I think I was just changing things and ended up breaking something else. 0: IO-=> start turn -=> start
  10. yog-sothoth-diagnostics-20200112-0652.zip Hmm, alright, from what I can tell it looks ok but I am new Edit: OH I see, cool thanks for the update dlandon! ❤️
  11. I am having a really strange issue...UD Settings > Destructive Mode refuses to save when I click apply it reverts to Disabled. I have UD and UD+ installed, I am on 6.8.0 Version. I have tried to reset everything by Uninstalling both UD+ and UD, and reinstalling, rebooting, fixing permissions...for some reason it refuses to work Any ideas that could help me fix it? Thanks!