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  1. So i have new information here. The support from the tracker said the Client send a false peer_id. Normaly the code beginning with "-DE..." But now its beginning with "--DE".. thats wrong and the Tracker blocked me. Its happend with the release of the latest version. I rolled back to binhex/arch-delugevpn:2.0.4.dev38_g23a48dd01-3-01 and all working fine again.
  2. Me too tracker sent a failure message "Error 002"
  3. For me PIA is dead to use DelugeVPN. I think we must wait until PIA has make a openVPN for the new generation and the binhex-delugevpn can handle this.
  4. Vancouver is working but very slow. But better then others
  5. Did you have setup "Maximum Upload Slots" to -1 or 6000? You can find it under Bandwidth. If you use "AutoAdd" so control the settings there too.
  6. Hi, for a few days I have had the problem that the plane pictures of a plane are no longer displayed. If I click on one of the not loaded images, I get a "Bad Request - Invalid Host" message. How could i solve the problem? i
  7. Thank you for wanting to help. I have try it again from newone and now its working. my finaly fault was a stupid config error on my fritz box... so now its running finaly.. yay ^^
  8. Dont work for me. Letsencrypt can't find a way to my bitwarden duckdns despite my fritzbox has open ports into it. I don't unterstand why and have wastet of time to fix it. It's annoying 😶 . I think the easier way would be if HTTPS is active from the beginning and you only have to replace the certificate with a correct one.
  9. I love the easy handling on unraid. the easy way to add new drives, dockers and vmd and its running all smooth and stable. What i wish for the future were a notification agent for windows maybe like over "Nagstamon"