Can not Upgrade Hard Drives to Bigger size. Unable to Start Array Error.

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So this is a first for me. I have upgraded my hard drives many times to bigger ones AFTER pre-clearing them. Well today it wont allow me to use my new pre-cleared drives which are replacing smaller drives.


Always use the same method post in the wiki :


1. Stop the array

2. Unassign 2x 4TB drives

3. Shut down server

4. Replace with 2x 8TB pre-cleared Drives

5. Turn on and get to Main Window

6. Add drives to the unassigned space where the 4tb drives are

7. Error :  Cant start array drives dont match.


Tried a few times and nothing.


Put back my 2x 4TB drives and my server loads fine and unraid auto starts.


Where am i going wrong?

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25 minutes ago, CrazyBoyS said:

Always use the same method

You must not have ever tried to do more than one drive at a time or you would have already seen that you can't do it with single parity.

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In the past did you add a new drive into the and rebuild a new drive at the same time?

I'm only asking because I can't think of any other situation where it would of worked in the past. 


As for feeling silly? Meh, we all do things now and then that are questionable. Lol

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Always did 1 drive. Thays why but I have a few 8tb drives to add to replace my smaller older drives.


It working now adding only 1 drive as I have only 1 parity drive for now. This will be changed to 2 in the coming week or 2.

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Parity has no data.


Parity is common in computers and communications, and it is basically the same concept wherever it is used. Parity is just an extra bit that allows a missing bit to be calculated from all the other bits.


In the case of Unraid, the parity disk is just an extra disk that allows a missing disk to be calculated from all the other disks. So, all the other disks must be present to rebuild a replaced disk.


With dual parity, you have two extra disks, and that allows you to calculate the data for two missing disks from all the other disks.

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