Troubleshooting disk "Not Installed"

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Hey all,


I got lazy about keeping up with my NAS for a few years and powered it on to check if it still worked. I have a 12-disk array with 1 parity drive and I was greeted to 1 drive showing "not installed" and the rest are fine (I think) though another is showing as unformatted.


-Can I check that the other drives are actually healthy when I cant start the array?

-How do I figure out why disk1 is showing as unformatted? I don't think thats how it should be.

-I ordered a new harddrive the same model as I was ordering previously, my understanding is I replace disk8 and it should try to rebuild the array with the other drives. Is that correct? What other steps should I be taking to get this back up and running?


Thanks for the support! :)


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On 5/1/2021 at 8:33 PM, Rehnquist said:

I cant start the array

According to your screenshot the array is started.


After you get things fixed you really need to upgrade. Difficult to support a release candidate from nearly 9 years ago. Nobody that helps on the forum has seen that version in a very long time.

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Agreed, that's the plan! Hoping to get this up and running, back up what I need to, then start from the ground up.  

Attached is the SMART report, I selected the longer test and the page refreshed with this pretty quickly. Can you tell if the test failed and ended or if these results are incomplete and I need to wait a few hours for it to update?

Smart Report.txt

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Best bet IMHO is to use ddrescue to clone disk1 to a new disk, then you can try to rebuild disk8 using the clone as disk1, there will likely be some or a lot of data corruption on the rebuilt disk, mostly depending on how successful ddrescue is, you can also run reiserfsck on the cloned disk1 before or after rebuilding, no point in trying to run it on the failing disk1, it will abort due to i/o errors.

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14 hours ago, trurl said:

Repairing filesystem on disk1 might be more important than replacing that other disk

Sorry, I missed the fact that the SMART report was for the unmountable disk. I had assumed it was for the disabled disk. Might be useful to have SMART for each disk.


V6 makes it very easy to get SMART for all attached disks and much other useful info in a single Diagnostics zip download. Glad I am not working with V5 anymore.


What else can you tell us about your hardware? V6 requires 64bit CPU and at least 2GB RAM.

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RAM: Kingston HyperX Blu 8GB DDR3 1333


CPU: AMD Athlon II X2 270 Regor 3.4GHz AM3


I may have to try to re-seat all the hard drive wiring, disk8 is just showing up uninstalled so I don't think it'll give me any SMART info on it

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17 hours ago, Rehnquist said:

Whats the best way to backup a flash drive on unraid 5? 

As was mentioned simply copy the all the files.   I think on Unraid v5 the flash drive was automatically exposed as the 'flash' share so it can be done over the network.  Best to do it with the array stopped so that you do not get an automatic parity check (due to an unclean shutdown) if you ever need to use it.

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