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Thank you binhex for your apps!


Everything seems to be working fine but just wanted to confirm few things.


My Setup:

Prowlarr : Added Indexers in Full Sync. Added Sonarr & Radarr. Enabled Proxy to SABnzbdVPN Privoxy, added my localhost IP to Ignored address.

Sonarr: SABnzbdVPN as download client. Indexer (Prowlarr)

Radarr: SABnzbdVPN as download client. Indexer (Prowlarr)

SABnzbdVPN : Wireguard & Privoxy Enabled


- I watched Spaceinvader one's video tutorial in setting proxy in Sonarr & Radarr, but he wasn't using another app managing indexers



1. Is it right setup to just enable proxy in Prowlarr since it's the one connecting to indexers? And leave Sonarr and Radarr proxy off.

   - Read binhex FAQ about this , but he mentioned setting in Jackett, just wanted to confirm same with Prowlarr


2. If I added SABnzbdVPN  as download client in Prowlarr, Can I remove SABnzbdVPN in Sonarr and Radarr like I did with Indexers?

3. How do I confirm if Prowlarr or Sonarr is using proxy when connecting to Indexers?

4. With my setup, are Sonarr and Radarr and connecting to Prowlarr locally, no internet?



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8 minutes ago, H2O_King89 said:

Awesome back up and running. Thank you!

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You can do that with most of the dockers on unRAID. Just go to the dockerhub page and grab the tag for the version you want. Enter the tag number after the name in the repository field separated by a colon.

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Not with Unifi
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32 minutes ago, Royalflash5220 said:

Is Prowlarr still getting updates or is your version being deprecated? Last version is 2 months old and prowlarr has received a few updates in the last 2 months.

Love your docker containers :)


I'm seeing an update on GitHub (20 hours old) but its not on dockerhub yet.

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23 minutes ago, wgstarks said:

Looks like the most recent version in the arch repo is though.

Im sorry, I thought I saw that the version in my docker container was v0.2.0.1678 from April 10th, but it was, the latest one excluding the one from yesterday.


Thank you for correcting me! Again sorry, probably looked like a dick expecting an update after 20 hours :( 

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I am also getting the error "Value cannot be null. (Parameter 'returnType')" on the latest release.  I tried rolling back to several different previous versions with no luck.


I also see this error when checking the logs:

2022-07-02 10:29:38,932 DEBG 'start-script' stdout output:
[Fatal] ProwlarrErrorPipeline: Request Failed. GET /api/v1/indexer 


What can I do to fix this? Thanks!

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I have an issue connecting indexers to Prowlarr and am a bit stumped. Newby here with a one week old server out of my depth but I will try explain. I have prowlarr set up using flaresolverr as a proxy, which tests fine, but I get errors when testing any indexer connection. If I disable RSS then re-enable the indexers appear to work (green tick) but when I actually search in Prowlarr, the logs produce this and I go back to failure:




Radarr also shows this:




Frustratingly close to getting this working after much tinkering so appreciate a steer from anyone.

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I managed to get around this by disabling flaresolverr and using deluge proxy instead. I can now add indexers which return searches in prowlarr. These also show up in radarr as linked indexers "(prowlarr)".  The problem now is I have lost connection to Deluge in both apps with the same download client configuration settings as before. Is there an additional setting I need to add when using Deluge proxy ? Pulling my hair out at this stage!


My proxy settings in prowlarr - http(s), local server address, port 8118, bypass proxy for local addresses ticked.

Log states as follows:




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