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New motherboard won't let me use both of my sata cards, can't start array!

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I was attempting to upgrade my unraid server, but unraid will only show me drives from one of my sata cards at a time. The cards are fine, and if I switch them around, the drives I see changes (I always see the "second" card). If I remove the second card, I can see the first card. I figure this must be a bios setting issue, but can't figure it out.


If I go into the bios, I can see both PCIe sata cards (see picture). I have attached my diagnostics for reference.


Old Hardware:

Intel Core i7-6700K @4.00Ghxz

MSI Z170A Gaming M5 Version 1.0


2x 1TB NVME cache pool

2 parity drives, 19 data drives


New Hardware (NOT WORKING):

AMD Ryzen 5800X

B550 Aorus Elite V2


2x 1TB NVME cache pool

2 parity drives, 19 data drives


Thank you!



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I was able to swap the board back in, but added no m.2 drives. Still have the same problem. Only 1 SATA card is recognized. It shoudln't matter, but I have (2) IO Crest 16 Port SATA III PCIe 2.0 x2.


The motherboard has (3) 16x slots, but only the top one is true x16. I have a GTX 1050 int hat slot to help with video transcoding. The other 2 slots look like x4 based on the pins I am able to see. I'm consulting the manual to see if it tells me anything.

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Correction. The slots are as follows:


(1) PCIE x16 slot (PCIEX16)

(1) PCIE x16 slot (PCIEX2)

(1) PCIE x16 slot (PCIEX1)

(1) PCIE x1 slot (PCIEX1)


So the second PCIE x16 slot is actually only an x1, this might explain why on boot Unraid is showing a bunch of "limiting drive to 3Gbps" lines on boot.


Not sure if the mismatch of x2 and x1 for to two identical cards is causing the issue, but now that I know the slot is only x1, I don't want to use this board since half my drives would be bandwidth limited.


Going to yank the board and return it for something better. Guessing I'll have to go to a X570 to get all the PCI lanes I need.


Thanks everyone!

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