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14 hours ago, limetech said:

re: TruNas - this is produced by iXsystems which makes its money in the Enterprise space.  Pretty sure they would not endorse comments such as those.

Thank you very much for taking your time to respond to my concerns!


I don't know if that particular anti-Unraid poster on HomeServer subredit is iXsystems connected or supported by them in any way.

Most likely not.

What is clear is that he(she) has some kind of an agenda in discouraging anyone even from trying Unraid out.

That person comes across as a very articulate and equally knowledgeable on anything NAS (at least in the average noob's view) which begs the question what drives him(her) to construct such attacks.

I think Unraid as a community and company could be more proactive in defending itself from half-truths and misleading, fear-mongering claims when made on super-active public forum.


By offering a constructive defense from blatant attacks on its OS I'd say that the Unraid community even would provide public service to all newcomers who are interested and would greatly benefit from a nicely designed consumer oriented NAS.

All those consumers that are now discouraged even from trying Unraid out when they read nasty fear-mongering claims such as "Go Unraid - loose all you family pictures", or maybe more subtle ones like "UnRaid array isn't a very safe place for long term, bulk, photo storage."

You can only imagine what effect such claims leave on unsuspecting noobs when they're also accompanied by a visual representation of what would happen to those pictures if "negligently" allowed to reside on Unraid:



Of course, Bitrot - the never failing, very effective scare-mongering tactic!

It works every single time in putting down another newcomer who has dared to express some interest in Unraid!

The mentioned anti_Unraider specifically shies away from even mentioning that any NAS should always be accompanied by a real backup, especially of the family pictures.

Also, no mention of the likelihood or possibility of such the phenomenon even to start with.


Those anti-Unraid claims don't just go away on their own

When left un-answered they continue to be repeated or even re-posted as it's been shown to be the case by the above-mentioned anti-Unraid redditor who's created an extensive and, dare I say, effective post full of talking points on why one shouldn't use Unraid, which he(she) posted on HomeServer more than 6 months ago.

He(she) spent what seems to be a considerable amount of time writing such an "essay".

It did work so well to support his(her) agenda, that he(she) now places links to that very post every time when there seem to be a pushback forming in defense of Unraid.

Unraid itself has a very active subredit with many followers.

Surely there must be someone knowledgeable in all things NAS on the Unraid's own subreddit who might be interested in donating some time in monitoring HomeServer subreddit and offering a constructive, truthful information to the inquiring newcomers and when necessary, confronting the viscous nay-sayers who for now go unchallenged.

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5 hours ago, Lolight said:

as it's been shown to be the case by the above-mentioned anti-Unraid redditor

Can you send me, in pm if you want, the reddit link?Just curious about what it's written.

Update: found, but it doesn't seem sponsored in any way. It seems a simple review, not good, not too bad.

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18 hours ago, ghost82 said:

Update: found, but it doesn't seem sponsored in any way. It seems a simple review, not good, not too bad.

Assuming that we're looking at the exact same post...

Didn't I mention of him being real sophisticated in the presentation of his review?


His writing is very clear and properly formatted.

He doesn't openly slander Unraid in any way - he simply pretends to be "your friend" that sincerely cares about your data and just wants you to be aware of all the risks associated with Unraid, no matter how real they actually are or if they're even applicable to your user case.


He even throws out a few good words here and there in his Unraid presentation.

Because his goal is: "Use whatever you want, just be informed :)"



Oh, by the way: "BitRot is real."

And Unraid obviously suck at dealing with that.

No any further comment required on this part. Just throw it out and leave it like that cause it must be self-explanatory to any noobs.


And then he lists categories of users who would be perfectly fine with Unraid.

It literally describes the vast majority of newcomers looking for a simple, easy to use Home NAS, used to store mostly replaceable data!

Newcomers that will continue to be scared away by the now re-occuring "Go Unraid - use your family pictures" thanks to Bitrot.

But how about the use of a proper backup for all irreplaceable data? Which is a must regardless of the file system.

He doesn't mention that - predictably it's being omitted from his review.


The noobs are exactly that - noobs! They don't know any better!

They look for an advice and have little understanding of what software might suit their needs. Even a mention of Unraid now often triggers a predictable response by being refereed to that post or get responses with a bunch of regurgitated talking points by the subreddit's "parrot army".


Just put yourself in the average noobs  shoes.

Would 99% of them be scared away after reading that review? Even though Unraid might match their needs absolutely perfectly?

Because if they're still hesitating he'll through in the final punch - the picture of the the Bitrot damage that I've linked in my prior post.

Technically no malicious misrepresentation here, just a little nudge in his view.

Or would it be rather a blatant kick in the nuts as compared to the effect that such a picture would generate on the newcomer.


It's not even the review itself. It's now being used as a base for the advice being generated by other redditors just repeating the same thing as if it's become an undisputed fact.


And in conclusion he states: "Please don't think I'm 'hating on UnRaid', it has it's place, and it's a very well refined piece of software, the things it DOES do, it does VERY WELL."

How nice of him.

He still pretends to be impartial - just offering public service!

He has spent the majority of his review creating and articulating an anti-Unraid argument, describing the shortcomings of Unraid that won't affect the majority of its core user base, has thrown around the obligatory Bitrot as the real deal breaker and then just concluded that he's really not against Unraid in any way because it offers a lot of utility to the intended audience.


Hard to think of a stealthier way to undermine Unraid in its adoption by new users.

A real skillful job, I must admit!

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