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Which ITX motherboard with 2.5Gbe?

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36 minutes ago, pras1011 said:

Pcpartpicker recommended asrock z790m-itx. Are these any good though? I will be using a intel i3 12100f with it. 


Why a F-CPU? The iGPU from Intel is always "nice to have" - buy a normal 12100 👍

FYI: I use ASRock Boards since 2010 - never had problems with it.

At the moment, i use six PCs with ASRock Baords - all are working well. The oldest is a i7-3770k and still working 👍

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I'm a little late to the party but I just built my first unraid server with this motherboard from AliExpress:




Intel Celeron n5105 

4x Intel 2.5 GB ports

2x 2280 m.2 NVME slots

6x Sata connectors (5x using the JMicron JMB58X controller and 1x on the soc)

2x DDR4 sodimm slots

2x onboard internal usb 2.0 slots


Cost was about $150


This appears to be the same motherboard used for the new Storaxa kickstarter nas: 



Not a beast but a good replacement for my Synology 1019+.

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5 hours ago, Lolight said:



So how's your experience so far?

What's your usage case in Unraid?

Thanks for the welcome! Some bumps in the road here and there (mainly with plex intel hw transcoding right now) but overall I like the control over where all my files are stored.  There's nothing obscured from the user as in the Synology world such as where your docker and vm images are stored.   

Use case is just serving media files for the family, doing pc backups and storing backups from my proxmox servers.    

5 hours ago, pras1011 said:

That Storaxa looks amzing!! Thanks for that.

Welcome!.. it does look amazing but I'm not sure how the software side is going to work.  It says they are using openwrt, truenas scale and proxmox all in one.  It doesn't sound like something the average user can manage. 



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