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Unraid Becomes Unresponsive after a few days

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As the topic states my unraid server becomes unresponsive after a few days and I do not know what is causing it to crash. Im unable to log into the webui and if i go to the actual computer the shell is also unresponsive. Just started having the logs mirrored to the flash. running unraid 12.6

In the past weeks ive had 5 crashes. The only change i made to the server is adding a homeassistant VM and removing 2 cores from a windows VM. 


My setup i have a homeassistant VM, a windows VM running blue iris with a NVIDIA gpu passed thru to the VM, and I have 14 dockers running. Normal operation the server only runs at 8% utilization I can give more details anywhere needed. I will post logs if it happens again. Any advice that i can start looking into in the mean time would be greatly be appreciated



Rig details 

Intel Core i7-12700K | ASUS ROG Strix Z690-G Gaming WiFi | CORSAIR Vengeance 64GB (2 x 32GB) RAM DDR5 5200 | 5 - Seagate IronWolf Pro 12TB | SAMSUNG 980 PRO M.2 2TB (cache drive) | SAMSUNG 970 EVO PLUS m.2 250GB (VM drive) | Gigabyte NVIDIA 3050 (VM GPU) | WD Purple Pro 14 TB (VM Passthrough) | Sandisk Ultra Dual -64 GB (boot device)

Screenshot 2024-01-14 204710.png

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I apologize I should have posted the logs while it was running. The system did crash again last night so here are the mirrored logs from the flash drive, i did notice that just before the crash all my cores were pinged to 100% utilization.


Also, i tried to ping the IP address of the server and it comes back unresponsive. Any help in fixing this would greatly be appreciated. Also just recently the Fix Common Problems plugin identified that Macvlan and bridging has been found. This might cause issues with stability on your server. if i switch to ipvlan like the 6.12.4 2023-08-31 upgrade notes suggest most of my dockers do not work. if i disable bridging again my dockers stop working. so im not sure what I should be doing. 


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This sounds similar to an issue I was having where I could not connect to Unraid and had to hard reset the server to gain access. I posted what ended up fixing it for me here, 



Check your Docker network settings and your BIOS settings.

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-Update even with the changes the Unraid server becomes unresponsive. Woke up this morning to the server webui down, also when i went to the physical machine im unable to do anything. Had to hard shut down the system. attached are the latest logs and diagnostic files. System was up with zero issues for 2 days and then it just goes down. this makes the 7th hard shutdown in a little over a week.

syslog tower-diagnostics-20240117-0838.zip

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Unfortunately there's nothing relevant logged, this usually points to a hardware issue, one thing you can try is to boot the server in safe mode with all docker/VMs disabled, let it run as a basic NAS for a few days, if it still crashes it's likely a hardware problem, if it doesn't start turning on the other services one by one.

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Fix common problems plug in keeps warning about mcvlan and bridging found. In the release notes it describes that this can cause issues with crashes. But if i disable bridging or enable ipvlan my dockers are unreachable. If i make these changes do i need to edit my dockers as well?

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32 minutes ago, T_Matz said:

In the release notes it describes that this can cause issues with crashes.

It can, though usually there are macvlan call traces pointing to that.


33 minutes ago, T_Matz said:

But if i disable bridging or enable ipvlan my dockers are unreachable.

That's not normal, you should just need to make the change.

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The system froze again last night. Its strange because the system was stable for weeks and just randomly it started to freeze like this and its always at night when the system is idle. sometimes daily other times it goes a day or two. ill be putting the system on safe mode, how long should i run it in safe mode for before turning on services?


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For sure my server went down around 1035 my time if the webui became unresponsive before that I do not know. I looked at my blue iris recording and all recordings stopped at 1035. 


But i had a parity check started and it seems to have finished around 07 today, numerous hours after the VM lost connection. So im super confused

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So i was bringing down my server but looked at Pihole real quick and noticed that it was still running normally until i powered down the server. So things that i know for sure-


Server webui is unresponsive

if i plug in directly to the server cant shutdown with command

Server does not shut down gracefully by just pressing the power button once

windows VM running blue iris stops recording at 1030PM

Pihole continued to run until i shut the server down by holding the power button

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14 minutes ago, trurl said:

Do you mean with a browser on another computer on your network?

I was able to access it and deleted the comment, I made a mistake and for some reason the laptop i was on was trying to access the server using the old static IP address. once I realized it and input the correct IP address on my browser on another computer on my network i got in. 


24 hours into safe mode and the server did not crash. Im going to start dockers tomorrow 2 at a time. I just wish i knew what was causing this and why it always happens at night. 


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Unraid has officially been up for 48 in safe mode. I turned on most of my dockers today. There are a few still off, but usually by now the server would have crashed. I'm going to turn on the last 4 dockers tomorrow and let the server run for two days. 


After that if everything is running and not crashing I want to start bringing my plugins online but don't want to start them all at the same time is there a way to do this?

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