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Passthrough Video Card audio through USB bluetooth dongle?


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Hello All,


So I've been playing with my fancy new VM-capable system and I've been trying to create a Windows 7/10 virtual machine that can replace my everyday desktop.


So far so good. I've managed to create my Windows VM, connect to it through VNC, and last night I created another one and passed-through an old HD4670 video card.


Now, in order to create a VM replacement for my desktop, I'm going to need audio. The motherboard doesn't have built-in audio, but the 4670 does provide audio over HDMI.


Unfortunately, my monitors are DVI only, so I need another solution. I could of course purchase a stand-alone sound card, and then stream that to my speakers using a bluetooth usb dongle, but I was hoping there would be some way to do the same with the existing audio provided by the HD4670.


The Question: Has anyone managed to passthrough video card audio over usb, or know that it can be done, or is the audio provided by a video card only accessible over HDMI?


A follow-up question: What have others done when no built-in sound card is available?




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Use a usb audio dongle.  Cost about $10 for the cheap ones


That's definitely a solution, though I would still need to get the bluetooth dongle to transmit to my speakers.


In all honesty, that is probably the way I'll go, but I want to see if it is possible to use the audio from the video card...


Anyone have experience with passing video card audio through usb instead of hdmi?

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