Setup unRAID user share access for PC's over internet

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Hi All. New the the unRAID community. Just built a new server aimed for home media playback as well as file backup for various home PCs. Working well despite the growing pains (read: I'm linux illiterate, these forums were lifesavers!)


I'm looking to expand upon my unraid setup to go beyond serving plex movies to my family. Another reason I built this server is to give access to PCs remotely. I'd like for this server to be able to backup windows and mac PCs over the internet and house important data (pics, music, documents) for family who are prone to computer failures. Eventually my whole goal is for the server to be repository where family can just connect via the internet and download/upload data as needed along with backups via windows file history, time machine or various other ones if superior (i/e crashplan)


I'm reading about openVPN but was wondering if anyone could point me to a walkthrough on how to help me set this goal up? Being a physician limits my time to really delve into it but I am eager to learn :)


- nlink0714

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You definitely need a VPN, but some of the newer routers have that capability built-in. That is probably the simplest method on your server end. Each client on the internet would also need VPN client software to connect.


And you definitely don't want to just open a port. Hacking is all automated these days and the bots will find you. ;)

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Using Crashplan would be an easier solution.  Install the Crashplan docker on your unRAID server and install the Crashplan PC client on each of the remote computers and point their backup location to your server.


And backups will be scheduled to occur automatically.  Anything that requires the end user to manually backup (connect to VPN, manually copy files, etc...) will not provide reliable backups.


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Thanks all for the messages. Will try them this weekend (finally a full weekend off in a very long time).


Was looking more into openVPN to accomplish goal of remote server access (to browse files, add stuff as needed). Is there a tutorial out there on how to set that up?





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