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  1. Create your directory folder tree on the cache drive, and then create a copy of that folder tree in another folder on the cache drive that is configured as "Cache only". This way your copy of the folder tree won't get moved. Any time you want to add files to your server, just copy the folder tree from the cache only folder to the root of the cache drive. Takes 2 seconds. This is how I personally do it.
  2. I use the Daapd docker almost daily to play music in my house. But I only interface to it with the "Remote" app on my iPhone.
  3. This is how I have been doing things for awhile. All my shares are set to Secure, with only my Cache drive set as Public. All auto-downloading (Sickbeard & SAB) and Crashplan backups work without issue, and all media players only need read access for playback. When I manually add files to my server, I put them on the Cache drive in folders matching share folder names so they get moved to the array by the Mover. (I have a blank folder hierarchy for my shares saved to a Temp folder on my Cache drive that is Cache-Only so it doesn't get moved. I can copy that folder hierarchy to the root of the cache drive and then places new files in without having to create folders with the exact same name as my share folders). And if I need to move files around on the array, I just temporarily change the Share to Public, make my changes, and then switch back to Secure.
  4. Buy a network based HdHomeRun, and you don't have to worry about pass thru, and drivers, and configuration, etc... Not worth trying to save a few bucks to use a USB tuner with unRAID if you are buying something new anyways.
  5. Because the average person is lazy! No work ethic with today's youth.
  6. That sounds like way too much work. Using Plex, you just pick what movies and TV shows you want to sync and it just magically works. Doesn't matter the file type/codec, Plex will transcode to format that will play on iPad. For TV shows you can choose the number of episodes to sync and choose just unwatched episodes. Then as you watch episodes from any Plex client, the next time you sync the iPad it will update and remove any watched episodes and add new ones. I use a very low video quality (I only have the 32GB iPad) so I can store a ton of movies/TV. On the small screen I can hardly tell the difference in video quality and the smaller file size allow me to load more than enough videos for my trips.
  7. If I am syncing a lot of files on my iPad, I plug in the charging cable and it will prevent the lock screen and allow it to sync everything.
  8. If I have my laptop with me on my trip, I just take either a large USB flash drive or a small WD Passport external drive loaded with video files (played with VLC Player). HDMI cable from laptop to hotel TV, IR dongle and remote so I can control everything without getting up. I also have an old WDTV device I will take if I don't plan to take the laptop with me. Works great to play files directly from the connected USB drive or device. Plays most video file types without issue. If you really want a portable Plex, I would look at the Nvidia Shield TV. It can run Plex Media Server as well as being a Plex Client.
  9. I don't use the plugin, but I use the OpenVPN docker. And if I am outside my network and connect via VPN to the server, I have no issues accessing the DelugeVPN webgui.
  10. I tried it and it doesn't work for me now either! This one is still working for me though (after updating to the latest version):
  11. There are a couple channels you can add to Plex that will allow you to watch Live TV from your HDHomerun. Here's one:
  12. You no longer need to load a special beta version of Plex to get the DVR features. You just need to load the latest PlexPass release of the software. Quote from Plex: DVR beta 5 has been released as part of the PMS 1.4.1 Plex Pass release
  13. Since you are using Plex on your Apple TV3, I assume you are using PlexConnect. This thread has instructions on getting 5.1 sound back.
  14. I have 2 of the 8TB archive drives used for dual parity, and 2 more in the array. I also have a few 6TB and 4TB drives in my array. My parity checks take about 24 hrs.
  15. You can assign Dockers their own IP addresses now. I did this a few weeks ago and can verify it does work! See here:
  16. I have been using an EVO 850 250GB SSD since May 2016. I run a dozen dockers including SAB, SB, Deluge, and Plex with constant downloading and unpacking to the drive. No issues so far. I configured the TRIM plugin to run once a week. And I use the Community Applications Backup function to backup my AppData to the protected array once a week.
  17. My wife also likes to watch the local news in the morning while getting ready for work, and I installed a cheap OTA antenna directly on the bedroom TV for that reason. Makes it extremely simple since we don't need PVR features for that. And it literally takes just one button press on the remote to start watching TV. But I also have a larger OTA antenna in my attic connected to an HDHomerun tuner connected to my unRAID server. I use the TVHeadend Docker. All the TVs in the house can access local channels using either KODI clients or a plugin with Plex. This provides ability to record local TV and pause Live TV.
  18. You can assign Dockers their own IP addresses, which will allow you to run 2 Plex servers at the same time. See link below. I set this up this past weekend and now have 2 Plex server Dockers running at the same time.
  19. i.e. if you bring up the context menu on a TV Episode, you have an option to "play from here". This tells Kodi to continue playing subsequent episodes automatically when that one is finished. Sorry, I don't know. I personally hate when the next episode starts playing automatically and always look for the config options to turn that feature off!
  20. Thanks JE. This is exactly the feedback that I am looking for. Live TV is not an issue for me. I'll use the HD Homerun plugin or Live Channels in Android TV for that. Since I am the only one who sets up recordings, I'm sure I'll be able to navigate the interface fine. As for the Plex plugin, does it allow for "Play from here"? This is an absolute necessity for me when setting up stuff for my kids to watch so I am not running into their room every 20 minutes. John I rarely watch any live TV except for sports, but I do like the ability of Kodi/TVHeadend to pause and rewind and start watching a program while it is still recording. With the Plex DVR you can't watch the file until the recording has completed. I have tried a couple channels for Plex to view live TV from the HDHomerun and found them a poor substitute for the Kodi interface (too many button presses to get to what I want to watch). One of the biggest complaints on the Plex DVR forum is that Plex provides EPG data with your PlexPass subscription, but does not provide the epg in a grid format like most people are used to because of patents on that format. To select a program to record you have to find it or search for it by name, and not by selecting by channel/time. I don't understand your "Play from here" question. When using the Plex for Kodi plugin it is just like using any other Plex client. The presentation is similar to other Plex clients and once you select the video you want to watch you just press Play.
  21. I tried the Plex DVR Beta for awhile, but ended up going back to a TVHeadend Docker for recording OTA. I like the built inability to (thru Kodi) to watch live TV, and using Kodi interface to view programming guide (in a grid) and select programs to record. The Plex DVR worked, it recorded everything I selected, but I don't care for the user interface and you can only configure the DVR thru the Plex Webgui, not from any of the Plex clients. Also the LSIO TVHeadend Docker includes comskip which I have configured to remove commercials from my OTA recordings. I have also been testing the Plex for Kodi plugin (on SPMC on a Nvidia Shield TV and SPMC on FireTV). It is still a work in progress, but mostly everything works and have only had a few minor issues with it. I expect it will continue to get better with the active development on it and I expect it may become my primary Plex client in the future. I have the Nvidia Shield TV autoboot into SPMC when it turns on, and I have the Plex for Kodi autostart into Plex when Kodi starts.
  22. I've seen this a couple times. I fixed it by removing that docker container and image, and then re-adding it back from my saved template.
  23. Also, installing packages (especially multiple packages for dependencies) is a great way to break unRaid. No reason to do this anymore with options for both Dockers and VMs. For someone that is a newbie to Linux in general, the last thing you should be doing is installing "random" packages into the base unRaid install.