[SOLVED] Cant Pull Dockers


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Just now, kizer said:

Trying to in pull down Plex again and now when I click apply using CA it just says "please wait" and times out. 

My syslog says nothing. 


Then it finally gives me all the Paths of where it should be installed and then ends with "The Command Fails"

Have you looked in the Docker FAQ?  ;)


Actually, its probably either a DNS issue (covered in the unRaid FAQ) or possibly an MTU issue (there's been reports of docker failing when using jumbo frames)

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3 minutes ago, kizer said:

I've changed nothing other than updating from 6.2.4 to 6.3.2 last night. Good Grief

Check out the DNS and gateway.  Assign them static to and if necessary  


If no progress, then post up the docker run command which displays.

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Welp deleted my image just in case something was stuck.

Re-added image

Changed DNS from my router to and


I can ping Just about anybody from command line, but it still wont pull from CA

says "Unable to find image/cloudfare-latest locally"

/usr/bin/docker/: Count not reach any registry endpoint

See /usr/bin/docker run -help


Looking at my logs I noticed this. 

Joining mDNS multicast group on interface docker0IPv4 with address

Registering new address record for on docker0.IPv4


Unless the Docker is supposed to use some far out IP on its own I have zero clue to what that is. My machine uses 192.168.1.x  lol 


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