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update gone horribly wrong


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I attempted an update that has gone horribly wrong. I decided to do an update, went to Tools --> Check For Update then did the update. Did a couple things before rebooting and think this is where I messed up. Then forgot that I already did the update, then went to click on it again and got the notice flash drive corrupted or something like that. So didn't think much of it, and rebooted. Then got the blinking cursor screen saying no boot drive found or something like that. Did backup my drive (but only after the 2nd time, don't know if that had anything to do with it), so I tried replacing the bzroot and bzimage from my previous folder. But I guess that somehow got corrupted since when I put those in, it wouldn't go past the make your selection screen. So then not sure what to do so I tried creating a new boot drive from the current Mac creator. At that point I just wanted to get something to boot again. That did work, but of course everything is gone now. Old registration, old setup, old array, etc. So since my old backup was obviously corrupted, no way to get anything back right? I didn't start a new array yet, since I'd like to save the data on the disc if I can. If I can't, any suggestions to back it up to a Mac? I really did it this time. Luckily there's only 1.8+TB's of data on the disc, so not much there.


EDIT: Thinking about it some more, I did setup the my file structure with 1 10TB drive as the parity drive, then the other (also 10TB) as the file drive. Later I did add a couple 5 TB drives in there, but nothing was ever put on those. Can I recover if from the data drive if I set the other one as parity later or something? I've attached a screen shot for you guys to see how it was setup. Could really use your guys opinion on this. Thanks.



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So If I'm reading this right, I can just create a new parity disc then add the data discs and not lose anything on those? They wouldn't get formatted too right?




Hopefully Lime Tech will get me an updated key soon since my old one was corrupted.

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Ended up getting a new key from LT. That was great! Got it going, then ran a parity. Like you guys said, everything was still there (thankfully). Ran parity and almost 17 hours later it was done. Now I'm in the process of resetting everything back up.


So luckily I had that screenshot from a text to know what drives went where. What would have happened if I switched the drives (parity and data) around by mistake?

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