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8 hours ago, johnnie.black said:

Disk5 is causing the errors, SMART looks fine, maybe a connection issue, though since it's the infamous ST3000DM001 you never know.

Thanks for the reply.  Its connected to the same backplane and HBA as everything else, so who knows?  Is this a bad drive in general or just bad for unraid?  I guess what I am asking is should I just swap it out, and if so, would it function ok for normal desktop use, or as an external HD?

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I still see a couple of these "task abort messages in log - presumably they could be from the same drive, as it is no longer part of the array, but is still connected to the system.  I am rebuilding Disk5 onto the 6TB now (Former Parity drive)


Nov 30 16:26:12 Unraid kernel: sd 3:0:3:0: [sdi] Synchronize Cache(10) failed: Result: hostbyte=0x01 driverbyte=0x00


I assume drive sdi is this questionable drive, but for some reason, its not showing in my web interface right now...  don't know why.  I figured it would show under unassigned.


Thanks for checking



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