Copying from forum adds hidden characters

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Is there anything you can do about copying and then pasting from the forum winds up adding more often than not hidden characters, etc that cause nothing but problems throughout the forum.




and it goes on and on.  I *could* understand if copying / pasting from normal text, but this also affects code blocks


I had to put in a PR a while ago just so CA would install no problems.


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I'm not at any of my normal computers - but knowing the codes for these hidden characters, can be useful when diagnosing this type of problem. It's possible, that it's something simple like not consistently using UTF-8 (i.e. it's set as a meta tag, so the client will render using it, but the server itself isn't aware of the character set being used, or content being submitted is being submitted using a different character set) 

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2 hours ago, limetech said:

Please post a link to a forum post which includes text, where if you select/copy/paste exhibits this issue.  I tried on a few code snippets, pasting into 'vi' and don't see any issues.

--runtime=nvidia has caused problems here.



And proof that the problem was resolved by typing it in manually here.


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What's happening is sometimes "byte order marks" are inserted in the text copied from the clipboard.  In UTF-8 this is hex sequence "ef bb bf".

I've found that sometimes they appear in middle of selected text, sometimes at end, sometimes both, sometimes not at all.  Have no idea how to fix ...

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17 minutes ago, limetech said:

Have no idea how to fix ...

Get rid of IPS? I know, I know, but sometimes get frustrated with this forum software and the disappearing posts from the unread list, the copy/paste problems, the 3 page long code blocks without a scroll bar, etc...

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I can attest that copy/pasting code blocks from the forum has caused major headaches. The one mentioned above for nvidia plugin is a perfect example. Took me at least 40 minutes to figure out why the nvidia card wasn't getting passed through, I had to copy the command line generated when the docker gets created/updaets and paste it into a text file then save it and open it with vi/vim and notepad++ with show all characters to see where the issue was. It's rough to troubleshoot...

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