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  1. Hey! Got myself a tote bag with a black strap today March 19, 2019, looks pretty nifty with the orange Unraid logo!
  2. I've been getting the same issue re: Backup Failed / The backup on ... is already in use And this is the error in the Time Machine preference pane: Time Machine couldn’t complete the backup to ... / The backup disk image “/Volumes/Time Machine/martianbookpro.sparsebundle” is already in use. Latest successful backup: Today, 8:27 PM When I search google for site:lime-technology.com time machine already in use I get similar reports from other users with no clear solution. In my experience the most reliable fix is to reboot the unRAID machine.
  3. m8ty

    Search Within a Forum/Topic/Thread

    I'd like to add my +1 to OP's request of searching within a thread. This feature is very useful when one needs to limit searches to a specific thread with many pages worth of replies. Usually these threads are for specific CA plugins where the plugin author interacts with the community and provides support. Because this forum is formatted to have replies broken up into multiple pages, it makes this type of feature needed when compared to other social media sites that are used for technical support, like reddit or stackoverflow, which displays all replies to a thread within a single page and allowing the user to use the browser's find function as necessary. One of the selling points of unRAID despite the lack of official support is the large community that has surrounded it. The removal of this feature is a blow to community interaction. I'd love to see it return one day, hopefully soon.
  4. Hello, My Fix Common Problems plugin reported a "Call Traces found on your server" error. I attached the zip produced by unraid/Tools/Diagnostics. Can someone help me diagnose this issue? I'm not sure where to begin my investigation. shoebox-diagnostics-20180724-1135.zip
  5. unRAID version 6.3.5 Hello, the plugin "Fix Common Problems" gave me a "Call Traces found on your server" error/notification and I am not sure how to diagnose this problem. I have attached a diagnostics archive if someone could help me understand what is going on. shoebox-diagnostics-20171006-0005.zip
  6. Is there a specific /boot sub-dir that is safe/designed for such user created files? Or will anything work as long as I refer to its absolute path in the /boot/config/go file?
  7. Version: unRAID 6.3.5 Hi, I want to utilize a .bashrc and .screenrc dot file but I am confused on how to set it up so it survives a reboot. I have seen in the past that the community devs here recommend the user to configure the `/boot/config/go` file but I cannot find any documentation of its use. I am not even sure how to use it to `source` a dot file. I used to have a similar question in trying to setup ssh and public keys but I used docgyver's excellent ssh Plugin to accomplish this.
  8. m8ty

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Deluge

    Subject: deluge thin client I see this docker build exposes the following ports https://github.com/linuxserver/docker-deluge/blob/master/Dockerfile#L58 EXPOSE 8112 58846 58946 58946/udp But which ports do I have to publish via unRAID template to get deluge's thinclient functionality working? http://dev.deluge-torrent.org/wiki/UserGuide/ThinClient Is the default listening port 58846 enough? Thanks!
  9. m8ty

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - SABnzbd

  10. m8ty

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - SABnzbd

    Does the linuxserver.io docker build use par2cmdline? see https://sabnzbd.org/wiki/installation/multicore-par2