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unraid 6.8.0 Sleep wake up problem

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Hello, I have updated my working system to 6.8.0.
I haven't changed or adjusted anything.
My computer goes to sleep via the s3 plugin.
I can wake him up.
Then he drives down the plates and turns off!
What can I do ?
Where do I have to look for the error?

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downgraded to 6.7.2 Everything works again ?!

Nobody has an idea why I can't get the s3 sleep plugin running under 6.8.0?


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I want to wait until the DVB drivers are available, then I will test them

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I can't get it to work  :(

Maybe I have a hardware / kernel problem ?!

After a successful update to 6.8.0 / -1, the computer boots correctly with my DVB cards..

All tuners and HDs are available, everything works normally.

Hard disks go into standby after 15 min (I have set this) and remain so,

the IP monitoring in the network (S3 SleepPlugin) also works. unraid goes to sleep.

When waking up works, for a short moment is unraid there, the webui will updated.

Then the computer shuts down (apparently uncontrolled) and goes out.

Uncontrolled because my Flashdrive no longer boots!



My Flashdrive can be repaired and then rebooted.

But only once :( The whole procedure starts again!

I will probably have to stay on 6.7.2. (Downgrade over the DVB device versions is not a problem)

6.7.2 works without problems.

If anyone can help? 


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Same problem for me with 6.8.2.

Now probably need to downoad 6.7.2.

Any other suggestions?

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Hi there,


Two things that we need to note here.  First and foremost is that WOL support is only provided via a plugin and isn't something we at LT directly support at this point in time.  This is due to the fact that depending on your hardware platform, YMMV with this feature and if we can't deliver at least somewhat consistent support for it, we would rather not provide support for it at all.  That said, you can definitely post about your issues in the thread for that plugin to see if the author maybe has some insights on the issue.


We have removed all previous version downloads from our site due to what we discussed in this post:  




My suggestion is to either live without the feature until whatever issues occurred can be resolved at this point.  That or you can optionally revert your server to a previous version from the Tools > Update OS page (you can click Restore to downgrade to the previous version, but if that wasn't 6.7.2, the files are already gone).


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On 1/17/2020 at 10:22 PM, nebosa said:


downgraded to 6.7.2 Everything works again ?!

Nobody has an idea why I can't get the s3 sleep plugin running under 6.8.0?


Using the sleep-plugin under 6.8.2 and all is fine.

What i have integrated under "Custom commands after wake-up:" is this:


sleep 120;
hdparm -y $(ls /dev/sd*|grep "[a-z]$") >/dev/null 2>&1


This command sends all Disk 120sek after a wakup to sleep-mode (normaly they are all in active/idle-mode) and enables the server to go to sleep again.

Important: After every new boot/reboot you have to press the button <SPIN DOWN> once by hand, otherwise the server will never go to sleep again because the disks are all in active/idle mode and pressing the button bring them all to sleep-mode.


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Zonediver's fix works for me on 6.8.3 now (at least the first try) . . .


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