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6.9.0-beta29/30 - Can't delete a User when in French

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As requested by @SpencerJ, I'm creating this topic for the issue I discovered when the WEB UI is switched in French (might also be the case when switched to other Language than English, but haven't test this scenario).


Basically, how to reproduce (at least on my system) :


1. Install the French LangPack.

2. Switch to the French UI.

3. Go in the "Utilisateurs" tab and select a User you want to delete.

4. In the user page, put a checkbox in "Supprimer" then click on the button "Supprimer".


The page will load for couple of seconds, and instead of confirming the deletion of the user (the yellow box with text in it), it just goes back to that user Page and did not remove the user.


CC: @bonienl

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I can confirm this in beta25.

Doesn't work in French, does work in English.

Installed the German pack to try out, does not work either.

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Thanks for the test.  I just tested the French and only beta29 & beta30.   Your test confirm that is a bug.  

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Just to add more details, I also CAN'T change anything in a user.  I tried changing the description field, and click the "Appliquer" and it just reload the User's page without my change reflecting.

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