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  1. This error reproduces because of [Note] Access denied for user 'mail_admin'@'onlyoffice-mail-server' (using password: NO) even when using everything default!
  2. Fixed typo error in docker template from /user/Appdata/ to /user/appdata/ now fine
  3. Got this in script Script location: /tmp/user.scripts/tmpScripts/1_macinabox_helper/script Note that closing this window will abort the execution of this script Starting to Fix XML error: failed to get domain 'put the name of the vm here' No network adapters in xml to change. Network adapter is already vmxnet3 Added custom qemu:args for macOS topolgy line left as is custom ovmf added error: Failed to define domain from /tmp/put the name of the vm herefixed.xml error: (domain_definition):3: Extra content at the end of the document ^ This is what has been done to the xml Your network type was already correct. Network has not been changed. The custom qemu:args have been added to you xml. VM is set to use custom ovmf files. xml is now fixed. Now goto your vm tab and run the VM Rerun this script if you make any other changes to the macOS VM using the Unraid VM manger No VMs in vm tab !
  4. Anybody Please know how to make service start up after boot. For example ssh in Docker GUI app Tried sudo systemctl enable ssh , shows systemctl not found, of course because lack of systemd. Anyone know hot to start a service autonaticaly after boot . Tired write service ssh start after each boot.
  5. Same error if i leave empty or add pool. In fact it didn't change anything
  6. I got latest stable unraid installation. Three networks connected to Unraid. first without vlan tag unbridged eth0 for main connection to server with subnet , in routing table everythings fine its apears as route For docker containers a setup outside network with vlan tags First network for container is and second so should be available hosts for docker networks and Networks appear in docker containers when i try to edit them as Custom eth0.48, and eth0.49 then i setup and address respectively or . But when I press an Apply it show me no address pool available and docker creation failed. So i started to dig and noticed that in unraid networks routingtable routes appears and with gateways where is correct and no routes with and . I tried with another subnets like 29 , and everything works as should. In screenshots can be seen that
  7. This plugin screwed up my raid 0 cache disks due plugin binding only by hardware address. Problem with this plugin is do binding only by hardware address , everything could be fine and it works. But.. if you for example like me use cache disks as nvme drives, so drives uses pciexpress slots, so it uses hardware addresses. And if you for example remove some pci express devices then often motherboard change hardware addreses for all other pci devices. In my case i removed gpu from one slot and then my cache drive hardware address changed to another one binded by this plugin from another device. Obviously after restart cache drive was corupted because being binded by plugin. I sugest could you upgrade plugin and do binding by hardware address with device ids as well so it will eliminate wrong device rebinding if you add/remove some pci express device. Justr sugestion, but it might affect functionality P.S. Read comments before, so i just explained real situation and problem after
  8. Did anyone tried this way like first of all isolate from devices with syslinux.cfg as add boot line vfio-pci.ids=1912:0015 . Add only second device group ID pair of four ( 4 pcie controllers and their relevant 4 usb controllers, where add append id only usb controllers ) And then passtought to VM liek usual device I sugest this because i got similar startech product with 4 ethernet controllers and at first boot it also doesnt worked as expected, but then done this way what i mentioned here and got success. Just try please, because i also consider to buy one
  9. Exactly same problem , no such file or directory error with AX1500i PSU . Unraid 6.8.1
  10. I got AXi1200 , if need any data please tell me what to send to you and i will be glad to help
  11. Sadly plugin not support AXi psus , I got 1500AXi...